Powerful text editor
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Kate is a powerful text editor that can open multiple files simultaneously.

With a built-in terminal, syntax highlighting, and tabbed sidebar, it performs as a lightweight but capable development environment. Kate's many tools, plugins, and scripts make it highly customizable.

Kate's features include:

* Multiple saved sessions, each with numerous files
* Scriptable syntax highlighting, indentation, and code-folding
* Configurable templates and text snippets
* Symbol viewers for C, C++, and Python
* XML completion and validation
Latest reviews
maxb 7 months ago

It takes very long time to start app, about 30 seconds. It's ridiculous!

sassy 9 months ago

Lightweight and yet powerfull. Encoding selector is very usefull too!

aik_1949 1 year ago

The best test editor for programers is still Multi-Edit. There are DOS and Windows versions of ME only. Among Linux text editors Kate is the nearest to Multi-Edit but is far from being comparable to it. I wish the Kate people to lower the difference.

rawaniajay 2 years ago

It's good but I prefer geany.

windumbnew 4 years ago

install kde data packages to run kate flawlessly.

osama_salah 4 years ago

Rich with useful features and light

novell 4 years ago

Приводит к некорректной работе системы, из за открытия больших докуметнов. В некоторых случаях при открытии SH-файлов может и вовсе убить систему!

Belliric 5 years ago

the best editor

Cooo 5 years ago

Leafpad & Nano can be thrown in the trash; Kate works great on Mint 18. It should suit most needs from editing code to note taking and whatever.

ruchirarya 5 years ago

In my case kate never show sidebar, even if i choose to show. So i can work on only one file at a time. Please help!!!!!

commanderzero13 5 years ago

Was using Text Editor before, not touching it. The fact that I can SAVE the session and do more specific editing with this program and manage files easier, just perfect. I am a writer, I use Libre for writing, a text editor for the couple note files. So yeah, great application!!!

Boli99 5 years ago

Great editor. For those having problems trying to save, write this command in terminal : sudo-apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins

LuvIsBadToTheBone 5 years ago

crashes while save

Aristotel 5 years ago

Works great on Linux mint 17.2 "Rafaela" KDE 64-bit

mdemontbron 5 years ago

I try save a document and it just quits.

Reiner1210 6 years ago

Very flexible

benjy 6 years ago

Great editor with lots of features

jedichris816 6 years ago

Save and Save As do not work. Program closes without executing the commands.

bahrampc 6 years ago

good editor

kochloeffel 6 years ago

Einfach super!