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User friendly internet relay chat (irc) client for kde

Konversation is a client for the internet relay chat (irc) protocol. it is easy to use and well-suited for novice irc users, but novice and experienced users alike will appreciate its many features:

* standard irc features
* easy to use graphical interface
* multiple server and channel tabs in a single window
* irc color support
* pattern-based message highlighting and onscreen display
* multiple identities for different servers
* multi-language scripting support (with dcop)
* customizable command aliases
* nickserv-aware log-on (for registered nicknames)
* smart logging
* traditional or enhanced-shell-style nick completion
* dcc file transfer with resume support

User reviews:
1 year ago

5 I think Konversation is easily the best IRC client on Linux and possibly all of Computing. The Context-Aware Tab Completion is incredibly useful and should probably be stolen by all other IRC clients.
1 year ago

3 am missing Limechat sooo much :-(
3 years ago

5 The best GUI-based IRC client for Linux, especially for people who love mIRC on Windows. Other GUI-based clients (e.g. XChat) are terrible.
5 years ago

4 The best GUI based IRC client for KDE. Quassel is just a complete mess ATM.
5 years ago

5 My fave.
6 years ago

4 This is a pretty decent irc client for using while in kde. Very little to be overwhelmed or confused with, but neither lacking in features.