powerful batch renamer for KDE
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KRename is a very powerful batch file renamer for KDE which can rename a list of files based on a set of expressions. It can copy/move the files to another directory or simply rename the input files.
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Gryph 3 months ago

Definitely the best of the Linux renamers. But the most powerful features are almost completely undocumented: Would love to see a reference to using regex's in Find & Replace. The Template tool is actually excellent for reaaranging filenames (what I wanted) but has never been mentioned in polite company! In truth, the best renamer of all time is the Ant Renamer, which has only been compiled for Windows. The interface & features are absolutely spot on & simple to use. And documented. The code is OS & GPL, just waiting for a good hacker to compile for Lin & QT. . .

Mais1Mano 1 year ago

Atende bem para o que é proposto.

prefersummer2 2 years ago

Quick, powerful and saves a lot of time.

rgarand 2 years ago

Works perfectly on mint 19.3 cinnamon. Very powerfull tool, so needs to get idea at first. Help site is helpfull. Good design.

mblakerx64 2 years ago

It's a great tool, A little different than the Batch Rename Tool for Windows. But in just a couple of minutes of clicking around, you'll become a pro.

phil995511 4 years ago

Excellent and so useful

jepe 5 years ago

this is such a perfect piece!!
I was so looking for a renamer with which I could batch rename files like "file_name-XX-rest.extenstion" .. to "filename-xx-YY-rest.extenstion"

I tried GPRename, and pyRenamer, even installed Thunar for its bulk renamer, and although some of these could actually do the job (did I have the patience), krename just did it… in no time, for which I was very grateful
BTW, it works on non-KDE desktops, too (works perfectly on Cinnamon, for example)

Sacha1969 6 years ago

Simple but useful. Does what it says. So far I've only used it to change file extensions in large batches, but it does that quickly and effectively. Also has an UNDO function in case you make a cock-up!

OttoZ 6 years ago

Hervorragend, ich benutze es zum umbenennen meiner Digitalfotos, dabei ist der Zugriff auf die Bilddaten sehr hilfreich.

lib2know 7 years ago

best choice if you like KDE and qt

arno08 7 years ago

Programme indispensable pour le renommage de fichiers par lot, puissant et simple à utiliser

JCH2 8 years ago

severely outdated; example of what turns off Windows and OSX converts.

uramesialex 9 years ago

Very simple and powerful tool to rename a lot of videos at once to keep your data organised.

cabji 9 years ago

Pretty good. Not the best renamer I've ever used for simplicity however. Lots of functions make it easy to learn straight up though.

DavidM31 9 years ago

Extremelly usefull!!!!!

MarekMazurkiewicz 10 years ago

Dobry, funkcjonalny program, łatwy w obsłudze

silicont 10 years ago

Works well. Another good one.

Sergians 11 years ago


efthialex 12 years ago

Good one

Adidi 12 years ago

should be in standard install