Office productivity suite -- word processor
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LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.

This package contains the wordprocessor component for LibreOffice.
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hervel 1 week ago

When formatting cells in Calc (oOo 7.2.2) with my own definition :HH:[MM];[RED]-HH:[MM] and register the doc in ods format, the format disapear and become [HH]:MM][RED]-[HH]:MM. But when register in xls format, it stays... Very Annoying...

hasan2 1 year ago

البرنامج ممتاز جدا بحاجة إلى التعود والتعلم، وهو ليس ميكروسوفت أوفيس ولذلك لا تتوقع أن يكون مثله، فيه من الإمكانيات أكثر من مايكروسوفت أوفيس وإن كان ينقصه من ناحية الجمال وأيضا فيه بعض النواقص عن مايكروسوفت أوفيس مثل اسمارت آرت

linuxer 1 year ago

Ставлю пятёрочку, но не этой версии, а седьмой (7.0), седьмая работает как надо. Если в 2018-м LibreOffice ещё нельзя было использовать в деле, то теперь уже можно. И вообще, будущее за Свободным ПО! Закрытое ПО садит большинство людей в клетку, Свободное - наделяет возможностями всех.

katsumi 1 year ago

I love LibreOffice.

nowakowski 2 years ago

LibreOffice is amazing. One of the best open source programs there is. It's amazing how configurable it is - by default it has all these toolbars, sidebar and icons, but if you want, you can turn it into a minimalist window. I use it to write blog texts, keep a diary (words + photos), collect notes for my text game.

bucky927 2 years ago

Great, open-source word processor that is as good as Word, but free

SantiagoSatori 2 years ago

My number one go to for document writing.

Kensaon 2 years ago

Nice free alternative to word!

whitetiger2 2 years ago

Users beware i found PUA virus in the templates.

greencedar 2 years ago

I do like LibreOffice Writer. I write in Chinese (Traditional) and it handles it fine. The only aspect that detracts from its value is that it slows up considerably.

LSEM 2 years ago

My favorite writer tool/ Better than microsfot one, because it's opensource.

Maurice045 2 years ago

Awesome on Mint19

leonhascal 3 years ago

It's an amazing word document editor considering it is completely free and for the most part it works fine BUT I have to review it considering the fact that it is supposed to be an "Office Application." It is a great application but if you try to run an office using this then you are going to have headaches. It is buggy and you can't use it as your primary word processing software if you need to be able to edit word docs daily as part of your job. Microsoft Word is terrible and it drives me crazy but it is the industry standard so if you are going to be sharing word docs or working on them together with others you have to deal with the issues that comes from converting LibreOffice files to word docs and how it throws the formatting off. I tried with all my might to only use Libre Office and I made it only a few weeks before I accepted that you simply cannot operate a business like a law firm using only libre office. It is still great and I still give it 4 stars for that reason.

deanr72 3 years ago

Now LibreOffice 6.0 comes with a ribbon instead of the old drop-down menus this finally deserves some attention! Great work!!

tboxmy 3 years ago

Easy to prepare reports, articles and promotional materials like pamphlets. If required, auto spell check must be enabled manually otherwise click on/off to refresh spell check. With very little learning effort, document formatting and layout can be customised for different purposes.

AndyCL 3 years ago

Perfekt! Benutze es nun bereits 1 Jahr! Linux Mint und Libre Office ist das idealte Paket! Ich liebe beides!

stargazerpjs 3 years ago

Using this for past two years, do i miss MS Word... Nope Awesome program

RavingLoony 3 years ago

Used this for years and years. Windoze & Linux. Brill. Why would you use anything else?

nikhilsinha 3 years ago

Awesome, using is for last 10 years.

Ronconi 3 years ago

Genial !! El mejor