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Cinnamon Edition
2020-06-22 22:21:28

Linux Mint 19 - Cinnamon on my everyday laptop. 

Before 19 I was a hardcore KDE/Plasma guy. Mint 19 was awesome enough to break my love affair with KDE.

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"The go to multimedia player that never lets me down. No frills but it works. "
"most of the networks it supports don't exist anymore. I couldn't get it to work ever. I think i tried it about a half dozen times in as many years but was never able to get it working. "
"Love this dock. First thing I do when I install a new setup is toss the panel and set this up. "
"I don't find this launcher to be very helpful at all. It really only lets you open apps. There is no support for plug-ins so there aren't even any available anymore. It is finicky and does annoying things like making you click instead of simply hitting enter. Every other launcher I tried was better. "
"It's an amazing word document editor considering it is completely free and for the most part it works fine BUT I have to review it considering the fact that it is supposed to be an "Office Application." It is a great application but if you try to run an office using this then you are going to have headaches. It is buggy and you can't use it as your primary word processing software if you need to be able to edit word docs daily as part of your job. Microsoft Word is terrible and it drives me crazy but it is the industry standard so if you are going to be sharing word docs or working on them together with others you have to deal with the issues that comes from converting LibreOffice files to word docs and how it throws the formatting off. I tried with all my might to only use Libre Office and I made it only a few weeks before I accepted that you simply cannot operate a business like a law firm using only libre office. It is still great and I still give it 4 stars for that reason. "