graphical tool to diff and merge files
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Meld is a graphical diff viewer and merge application for the GNOME desktop. It supports 2 and 3-file diffs, recursive directory diffs, diffing of directories under version control (Bazaar, Codeville, CVS, Darcs, Fossil SCM, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, Subversion), as well as the ability to manually and automatically merge file differences.
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mahela007 5 months ago

I use obsidian and syncthing to synchronise my notes written in markdown across 5 devices. Occasionally, a sync conflic arises and I'm terrified of losing something I've made a note about. Meld works perfectly to resolve any conflicts! The interface is intuitive and so far, I haven't found any bugs! 5 STARS for the absolute gem!

SilenceIsG0lden 9 months ago

Love it! Don't love the name, which I can never remember. You neither? Then don't forget to also install (and activate) the "Nemo-compare" plugin, so you can launch it from within Nemo, after picking two things to compare!

pinakin 1 year ago

Been using this for over year now and love it. Allows for 3 way compare of files and folders recursively.

SebastJava 2 years ago

Wow ! The best. Easy to use. Powerful features. Complete. Very nice. And... no bugs. Just perfect !

Starkiller_007 2 years ago

Amazing application! Very useful in programming.

Intangir 3 years ago

I use this every day for work, even on windows i use this over the alternatives, works great with source control too like git

Gmood 3 years ago

The best diff viewer i know about!

fsrezende 3 years ago

Muito bom! Várias configurações de comparação... falta a opção de configurar o editor externo... Excelente trabalho!

Poetician 3 years ago

Indispensible. Particularly handy with twm configs.

yusufbolu 3 years ago

Having text wrapping is very good. I can use this to compare paragraphs.

Heldenhirn 4 years ago

Great way to diff in a visual form!

b457 4 years ago

Excellent file/directory comparison tool. I use it for simple file compares as well as for managing software deployment changes.

andreampiovesana 5 years ago

excellent, open multiplatform, fast! great!

darkscrap 7 years ago

Super consistent cross-platform operation. Ultra useful. Love it.

maxkoryukov 7 years ago

Great stuff. Lets use version 3.14!!

MintUser12345 8 years ago

Meld is bad for complex file comparison as you can't see inside the files. But you can delete or copy any file from any folder as you like. Kdiff3 is great for serious file comparisons as it has built in text viewers, I prefer Kdiff3's layout and method of merging into one folder but it won't let me delete files from one folder and not everything so here I am using Meld again as I want 3 separate folders without the same files, and Meld can do this.

Beerforfree 8 years ago

Very nice, but slow and unresponsive on network folders

greggha 8 years ago

Very easy function; great for comparison, duplicate and directory comparison.

lamps 8 years ago


lib2know 8 years ago

great, simple to learn, even for people who never used diff. It's the other way around, it teaches to understand diff :-)