Native YouTube client
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Minitube is a native YouTube client. With it you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, Minitube gives you an endless video stream.

Minitube does not require the Flash Player.

Minitube is not about cloning the original YouTube web interface, it aims to create a new TV-like experience.
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n0body_special 6 months ago

Search doesn't work. Don't know and can't find any "additional plugin" on the homepage, as suggested by Stefanzh. Downloading the latest deb package from the website, returns "unsatisfiABLE dependency" so this is the end of the story. Uninstalling

stefanzh 8 months ago

if the video search does not work, go to the Minitube homepage. Download the package there. An additional plugin is needed.

dMonk 8 months ago

Video search feature seems essential and it's not working.

sebadamus 10 months ago

Wont work in Mint Cinnamon 20, just wont search...

xihnik 1 year ago

Search not working on Mint 20.

Brandon_Baez_1996 1 year ago

Necesita ser actualizado, no acepta las apis de google y no aparecen los canales de las suscripciones, tambien deberia tener soporte para 32 bits, en su pagina oficial solo tiene soporte para 64

Mint-Account 1 year ago

Not working on Mint 19.1. Every search returns error: "Error transferring - server replied: Forbidden"

krominux 1 year ago

Super, dommage qu'elle ne fonctionne plus sur linux mint 19.3

jvlist 2 years ago

its awesome, but, and this is an big but. this is a very old version that does not work. latest version is 3.1 which you donwload from developers site. additional problem for linux mint 19.2 is failing dependencies, so no longer possible to install..

AngryD 2 years ago

No way to log in to YouTube. I have a paid YouTube account because I watch a lot of documentaries there and don't like the constant commercials. Unfortunately, this app won't let me log into that account.

meoxssxqld 2 years ago

не работает у меня

cliffyk 2 years ago

Does not install properly from the Mint Software Manager--download the .deb file from interesting application, needs navigation tools on full screen display...

dzytemaun 2 years ago

The app does not let you play video above 480p. This app is dated and needs to be updated or discontinued.

Paolino 2 years ago

Why server says to me "Forbidden" ? It's impossible to view anything

longnguyen2306 3 years ago

Don't understand the low score. It works very well.

Caltrop 3 years ago

does not work, error downloading anything

user001 3 years ago

I had the same issue, so i went to this website and got the .deb file. it has the same vesion but added two dependencies that fixes the search. i wish there is more feasture such as personalized playlists and know what is my perferences. b2cool (2017.10.10)

X_line 3 years ago

server replied: Forbidden

Fonzie 3 years ago

Doesn't seem to do anything

CyberMaD 3 years ago

#42~16.04.1-Ubuntu (Mint 18.2) Search is work, but streaming isn't =(