simple Xfce oriented text editor
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Mousepad is a graphical text editor for Xfce based on Leafpad.

The initial reason for Mousepad was to provide printing support, which would have been difficult for Leafpad for various reasons.

Although some features are under development, currently Mousepad has the following features: * Complete support for UTF-8 text * Cut/Copy/Paste and Select All text * Search and Replace * Font selection * Word Wrap * Character coding selection * Auto character coding detection (UTF-8 and some code-sets) * Manual code-set setting * Infinite Undo/Redo by word * Auto Indent * Multi-line Indent * Display line numbers * Drag and Drop * Printing
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vanilla_flower_foxy 1 year ago

like Leafpad, it's top of the line for GUI plaintext editors i think! i like that my custom Xfce theme works with it

Vanady19 4 years ago

Very good editor, i like it very much! Special thank: 1) for color themes, i can choose for day and nigth work; 2) for useful search with hilighting; 3) for ability to change CAPS and stroke characters. Good luck with your other soft!

hobbledehoy899 6 years ago

Much better than Xed!

Quexos 8 years ago

I prefer it over gedit.

lemoncurry 8 years ago

NFG - Always prints Line Numbers!!! regardless of settings NFG

jahid_0903014 8 years ago

It's good and quite powerfull, but doesn't have syntax highlighting

AlephAlpha 9 years ago

Better than gedit when opening files in some weird character encoding.

RytronII 11 years ago

Lite but does the job. Akin to Leafpad.

ali20 11 years ago


trollboy 12 years ago

Nice editor. Simple and fast. I prefer this to gedit when using a GUI.

altayanta 12 years ago

Very fast to open TXT and CVS format files. Now is my default TXT viewer!

farnaby 13 years ago

Nothing special, but works as expected.

zc456 13 years ago

Really like Mousepad. Very simple and reminds me of Notepad - in a good way. I mostly develop using an IDE, so having this does not bother me.

flan_suse 13 years ago

Leafpad is better. Old and even new versions of Mousepad still have some annoying bugs.

Xyie 13 years ago

There's not a lot to this, and for me, that's a plus. Sometimes I need a quick place to type something up where Notes/Tomboy doesn't make sense or doesn't have enough space, and where a word processing program is just too slow or too much. This isn't really oriented towards being any sort of IDE at all, though it does have line numbers if you need it for a light purpose of doing some code work. Fast, quick, simple, and works like a charm.

mjjzf 13 years ago

This as an editor is more like the infamous Notepad than something you can use for development and design. The lack of syntax highlighting makes it uninteresting to me compared to other applications more potent but still lightweight - like Medit and Beaver.

jelevin 13 years ago

preferred to leafpad

dumpstar123 13 years ago

Good STUFF!!!!

AndrewX192 13 years ago

Very basic text editor, not for programmers or web designers. If you want more features go for kate/kwrite or gedit.

maty1206 14 years ago

It's GUI is just like leafpad, but it is improved the printing support. Good but a little bit heavy.