Painting program to create pixel art and manipulate digital photos
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MtPaint is a free, open source graphic editing program which uses the GTK+ toolkit. It is geared towards creating indexed palette images and pixel art.

Due to its efficient design it can run on older PC hardware (e.g. a 200MHz CPU and 32MB of RAM). It can edit indexed palette or 24 bit RGB images and offers basic painting and palette manipulation tools.

It is aimed to be simple and easy to use. it also can handle JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, XPM, and XBM files.
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mimesis 2 months ago

Not a pretentious tool, the essential for graphic painting, a bit weird, it has a few basic magical features which is also good for photo editing, by one side is easy to use by another is incomprehensible.

moataze 1 year ago

something as simple as paste image from clipboard and copy back to clipboard is complicated. Wouldn't call it a true alternative to Paint.

yamahacrazy 1 year ago

yet another app that can't see other mounted drives

gnappi 1 year ago

It could have been a decent image editor but basic functions like a rectangle, circle tool

iosonoscrive 4 years ago

Interesante Interesante grasias oky

Rindo 5 years ago

lacking lots of features. why would one install it if there is gimp by default, and is not resource hungry that much

mlucasone 5 years ago

its a good basic image editor. the only problem is that it does not appear as an available program to open a image with on linux mint 17.1. I have to open the program first, then open the picture through the program in order to edit the image.

fu-sen 5 years ago

Do you know that screenshot comes out in this?

amzlfe 5 years ago

A great pakage for those who want an easy paint pack with a medium amount of features. Not for those who want EVERYTHINHG

Vector-full 6 years ago


Laurence_Declan 6 years ago

Excellent! Much better than gimp, so easy to use

garywho 6 years ago

Not bad, but not good.

Yukonwolf 7 years ago

Very nice little editor. Simple yet gets the job done!

fotonix 7 years ago

Trying a simple resize (failed) with one image was enough. Not mature enough for quick and easy usage. I didn't see Pinta in the Software Manager, it is 100x better.

newpaul 7 years ago

Primitive & ugly. You can't even select images from directories using thumbnails. MS Paint is a long way ahead in usability. No comparison. Sadly.

obakfahad 8 years ago


mih199 8 years ago

Like ms paint, but not as complicated as gimp

gianpv 9 years ago

simple to use, easyest and light photo editor!

Rodpaulo 9 years ago

Simples e prĂ¡tico

pbmuk 9 years ago

Simple to use and does everything I need re cropping and resizing images etc. Has some issues talking to the clipboard.