Universal document viewer
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Okular is a universal document viewer with support for advanced document features, such as annotations, forms, and embedded files.

This package provides the document viewer application, plus plugins for a wide variety of document formats such as:
* PostScript (PS)
* Portable Document Format (PDF)
* OpenDocument Text (ODT)
* TeX Device independent file format (DVI)
* XML Paper Specification (XPS)
* G3 fax
* various electronic book formats: ComicBook, FictionBook, and Plucker
Additional document formats are in the okular-extra-backends package.

This package is part of the KDE graphics module.
Latest reviews
beitme 5 days ago

A well-made, feature-packed app, but it doesn't fit with Linux Mint.

SergeantBL 2 weeks ago

It's the old version. Better download the Flatpak one

DaveJ61 1 month ago

In my opinion, far better than the default gnome document viewer.

yagmuradam 6 months ago

I really like this pdf reader and I'm using it everyday but problem is it's version is pretty outdated.

Jonny79 7 months ago

El mejor visor de pdf, maneja perfectamente archivos de pdf pesados y el buscador es muy bueno.

PareshGaur 7 months ago

Better than Atril or the default Document Viewer in Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa.

kelevra 8 months ago

I have been using Okular to read my PDF and ePub formatted books and I am impressed. It does not crash or seize up like qpdfview does. The reading pane holds the zoom from chapter to chapter, unlike qpdfview. I really like this document viewer an will continue to use it.

FinixFighter 9 months ago

Very nice PDF reader!

mib_7opnwb 10 months ago

Okular highlights are not compatible with Gmail (highlights are not visible in Gmail). Using Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon.

vivono 1 year ago

¬°Muy bueno!

Crimson_Raven 1 year ago

A little slower than MuPDF (which is to be expected), but has tons of awesome customization and view option, which is exactly what I was looking for. Looks like I found my default PDF viewer.

Pedrot001 2 years ago

I use to see diagrams in pdf. And the zoom is one the best. Selection is not good. I do not know any better.

ctfolmar 2 years ago

Nice software. It would be better if it had the ability to add text. I often get forms to complete in PDF format without the fillable fields. The ability to add text would allow me to complete the forms.

4ndy 2 years ago

The only linux-native reader I found that would show the annotations that a colleague sent me from horrid adobe software, but this was a pain to set up as this package did not include the necessary dependencies. To open the document I also installed kdelibs5-plugins, kdelibs5-data and oxygen-icon-theme. Thanks to user1529891 on askubuntu for that solution.

longnguyen2306 2 years ago

Hell of an application. This is essential for everyone who wants to get rid of those greedy adobe! Maybe and editing function to delete or merge pages would be nice but this app already has almost features I need

uberdonkey 2 years ago

Best pdf editor fore reviewing - can highlight, add notes, circle, box around text. Zoom in and out with mouse. BUT can't remove/move pages edit etc

governmint 3 years ago

Freeze as soon as I tried to load a 800 pages book in ODT.

Akalla 3 years ago


zboraon 3 years ago

Really, the best

Ronconi 3 years ago

Muy bueno