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Krita is the full-featured digital art studio.

It is perfect for sketching and painting, and presents an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters.

Krita is a great choice for creating concept art, comics, textures for rendering and matte paintings. Krita supports many colorspaces like RGB and CMYK at 8 and 16 bits integer channels, as well as 16 and 32 bits floating point channels.

Have fun painting with the advanced brush engines, amazing filters and many handy features that make Krita enormously productive.

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toomyg155 10 months ago

Not bad its like Photoshop BUT free and works well :)

technobyteinfo 1 year ago

Sempre usei o photoshop do windows e minha migração para o Gimp não foi satisfatória, para não usar mais o "Ruindowns" eu tive que usar um manipulador de imagens on-line, porem não satisfazia minhas necessidades por não usar algumas fontes que eu normalmente instalo no meu sistema, mas quando conheci o Krita minha migração para Linux se tornou total, na minha opinião não deixa em nada a desejar quando se trata de manipulação de imagens ou criação de qualquer tipo de arte gráfica. Recomendo 100%.

barryedmiston 1 year ago

I'm trying to add some type to fit a space in an image. This is my first try, and I find that there is no way to visually size the type block: the text opens in an overlaying box, text color maybe 80% black over 90% black background. You manually enter the type size, then have to click twice to get back to your image. Once you've done this a few times, playing trial and error to get it right, there is no option to rasterize the layer and manually adjust that. If you try to move the text block, you move everything, including the background layer, even if it is locked. So it looks like a competent app, but it is almost as unintuitive as GIMP. I will at some point put more effort into trying to learn it, but for now will get my job done in Pixlr, which is far more intuitive to a decades-long Photoshop user.

MaybeAnonymousDev 1 year ago

Very nice, it's useful

sergiomelo37 1 year ago

It's working better than the previous version. Está funcionando melhor do que a versão anterior.

SergeantBL 2 years ago

It's the Photoshop on Linux! Whoever struggled with Gimp will find with Krita his/her peace of mind.

sebRomeo 2 years ago

The best illustration program out there ! It surpasses easily photoshop. The only one I m using right now for all my illustration and picture tasks. Very promising evolution to comes also.

arcstur 2 years ago

This is the BEST digital art program, amazing!

Luna-Urquiola 3 years ago

Versão atualizada e responsiva, contem todos os idiomas da mesma forma que no windows

lucasnwd 3 years ago

É impossível não comparar com o Photoshop. Mesmo assim, o programa é muito intuitivo, possui quase todas as funções que o Photoshop tem na área de ilustração digital, indo até além com algumas funções que o Photoshop até bem pouco tempo não tinha. No entanto não é um excelente editor de imagens (faz muuuuita coisa incrível, mas ainda fica devendo para o photoshop nesse sentido), no sentido de que não vai fazer grandes montagens. Ainda assim ele é um programa leve, bastante customizável, extremamente versátil, simples de usar, com bastante referências pra pesquisar na internet, além de atualizações constantes... Enfim, meu software favorito pra ilustração digital de longe.

Crimson_Raven 3 years ago

It is an amazing replacement for Photoshop (it can do almost everything PS can, with a few things ontop). The GUI is way cleaner and more organized than GIMP. It's just amazing, try it. As with everything, a more recent version might be available on their website.

Ephata 4 years ago

Ce logiciel est fabuleux, c'est une claque! Il me donne envie de faire de la peinture numérique!

Pico 4 years ago

Красиво, удобно. Надеюсь на полное перевод (но и без него работать можно, даже если ты не знаешь англ алфавита).

caetano 5 years ago

Careful, the flatpak is not maintained by the Krita team so the version may be outdated (and it is as of now, april 2018)

Heyty 5 years ago

This is simply the most professional digital art app available for linux. It has really powerful tools, a lot of brushes, support for layers and works perfectly with drawing tablets! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!