Merge, split and re-arrange PDF documents - transitional package
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PDF Arranger is a small application which allows one to merge or split pdf documents and rotate, crop and rearrange their pages using an interactive and intuitive graphical interface.

This package is here to ensure smooth upgrades. It can be removed when you see fit.
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jonmarx 1 week ago

I love this little app and have been using it for years. However, note that this is PDFshuffler 1.4.2 'transtitional package'. I don't know what that means, but it didn't work on my recent install of Linux Mint 20. I needed the later version, now called 'PDFarranger', version 1.6.0. It's further down the list of apps.

RoMuu 3 months ago

Einfach zu bedienendes und auf das Wesentliche reduzierte PDF-Tool. Tatsächlich ist es beeindruckend, wie simpel und intuitiv PDF-Bearbeitung sein kann.

Akene 4 months ago

Simple, fonctionnel, indispensable. Fait partie des logiciels que j'installe systématiquement sur chaque machine linux.

LonePiper 5 months ago

The interface seems pretty good, but could work better - I only seem to be able to move one page around at a time, even with several highlighted, and even that is a bit dicey. Could be just me though... However, the program is ultimately useless for me as it wouldn't export, giving me an "expected object does not match actual" error instead. Could not find any solutions online. Just use LibreOffice Draw instead. It might be slightly more cumbersome depending on what you want to do, but it is feature rich and it works.

usrlambda 9 months ago

On ne peut même pas imprimer...

Pranske 10 months ago

Works perfect.

phil995511 1 year ago

Good software

danneauxs 1 year ago

works to reorder my pdf, but it displays in such low quality I can't read the dates on the pages which is what I need to order them by.

kokbira 1 year ago

-2 because it is not translated to Portuguese

Px9618 1 year ago

Did a great job merging PDFs for me.

longnguyen2306 1 year ago

I really love this app. However could you guy consider to implement a function to remind me to save my document after editing it? So many times I edited sometimes and forgot to save it, what a waste of time. Thanks.

balint 1 year ago

Simple and useful. It just works well under Linux MInt 19/Cinnamon. I had no problem using it.

mintuserfromrd 1 year ago

In Linux Mint 19 do everything except save the job. Always respond "EOF MARKER NOT FOUND".

Lememe 1 year ago

simple et efficace testé avec mint 19 xfce64b ouvre meme les fichiers de grande taille

strangeintp 2 years ago

I tried to merge 12 documents, a little over 1000 pages. I got error "list index out of range" when I tried to "save as" a new document

GaMa87 2 years ago

Exactly what I was looking for

juankvillegas 3 years ago

Sometimes I can't do what I want.

Yoelon 3 years ago

Sin duda el mejor editor de pdf

BrezenSoiza 3 years ago

Great program. Very easy to use!

Maxeee 3 years ago

pdfshuffler is a nice and quick tool. Works good under linux mint 17.3 cinamon. The handling is very intuitive! Even loading files can be done by selecting all the requested files and then they are imported in one step. The only thing to optimize would be the display resolution when zooming into the pages by the magnifying glass. There the single pages appeare quite foggy, even in the highest magnifying level. So it might become a little difficult to differentiate between the pages or to see in what direction they have to be turned before storing all the loaded files into one output-file. All in all a great program.