raw image converter and digital photo processor
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RawTherapee is an advanced program for developing raw photos and for processing non-raw photos. It is non-destructive, makes use of OpenMP, supports all the cameras supported by dcraw and carries out its calculations in a high precision 32bit floating point engine. RawTherapee supports JPEG, PNG, and TIFF as output format for processed photos.
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barryedmiston 1 year ago

I expect this is a very competent program. As a Photoshop user for many years, my experience of Raw Therapee suggests that there is virtually nothing intuitive about it. If you're not at a professional level, expect a steep learning curve.

Devasangeeth 3 years ago

Using it on Linux Mint 20.1 (Cinnamon), works great for processing and converting images from RAW format <3

Vasilis_K 3 years ago

Awesome! Working perfectly on Mint 20. Really Pro tool!

Johan1988 3 years ago

Wow, absolutely awesome RAW editor, very happy with the support for my Fujifilm X-T20 and all the thing I can do with RawTherapee!

yeshelolo 3 years ago

Awsome tool for RAW / JPEG / Photos editions. Fast rendering (GPU). A must have for photographers.

mimesis 4 years ago

It's a very sensitive program, which means that it takes time and patience to get the results you need. Delicate, the adjustments you can do aren't invasive, of course if you dedicate the time needed. Not for everybody, not even to me.

Lukess 4 years ago

Mit diesem Programm sind Lightroom bzw. Luminar überflüssig!

helenium7 6 years ago

this is an excellent raw converter, it is now completely stable (Mint 18.3 with Mate) and amazingingly flexible for raw conversions. I must have been using it for 5 years and it gets better and better, my only gripe is I can't find how to send the programmers a donation.

martini 7 years ago

A very good program for the processing raw files

arborad 7 years ago

Najlepší program na vyvolávanie RAW súborov

raskolnikov 8 years ago

Resourceful RAW converter.

aklimkin 8 years ago

Best RAW-converter for Linux.

jepe 8 years ago

I just tried it, tested if for 10 mins (I need an app to replace Canon's DPP), Rawtherapee seems to be GREAT!!! Very cool and sophisticated, really love it*****

omarspencephoto 8 years ago

It is a powerful app capable of producing excellent results. The noise removal tool is impressive and the film emulation tool saves a lot of time. It also integrates well with GIMP. However, the lack of stability translates to wasted time restarting and picking up where you left off instead of just getting things done. Addressing this issue would drastically improve efficiency and the result would offer a serious linux based alternative to Adobe Lr.

warlock2 8 years ago

Best program to work with raw files, I won' t use another. Best program for photoshop.

roiikkata 9 years ago

extremely well done. small file size. fast. all the controls you could possibly want!

johnPcorrea 9 years ago

Extraordinary photo editing program not only for RAW files

LinAk 9 years ago

the best program to work with RAW files

florianseltsam 9 years ago

Ich liebe dieses Programm, einfach klasse und zuverlässig, um RAW-Bilder sauber zu bearbeiten!!!

jaijujacob 10 years ago

Great app! Simple.. elegant