Music player and organizer for GNOME
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Rhythmbox is a very easy to use music playing and management program which supports a wide range of audio formats (including mp3 and ogg). Originally inspired by Apple's iTunes, the current version also supports Internet Radio, iPod integration and generic portable audio player support, Audio CD burning, Audio CD playback, music sharing, and Podcasts.
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hatsunemiku 1 week ago

I don't get how this awsome player have so much hate ^w^ The layout is so unique and easy layout not to mention I really like the layout design! Have Last.fm plugin Sound Cloud too and wish I can sign in me account and get me all playlist there and overall its a great player with nice layout and dont get why this player have so much hate ^w^

juliag82 4 weeks ago

I've tried Rhythm Box a couple of times and I just hate pretty much everything about it! The layout sucks, it is difficult to get music to stop playing, importing music from different sources is not fun! So many better options out there! I don't like leaving bad reviews but nothing will ever improve if nothing is said!

SelwynMau 2 months ago

The way RB "scrobbles" tracks to Last.fm just makes me mad. It simply skips them whenever it pleases. That and crippled functionality to boot. Ugh! Clementine is so incomparably better.

maxkoryukov 3 months ago

no playlists, can't play a folder, can't reorder tracks. I want to use the app, I don't want it to teach me how to listen music.

philip123 3 months ago

This application is really bad. Despite stopping the music playing and closing its window, the application continues playing the music track in the background. Really bad and have uninstalled it.

Mint-Account 5 months ago

It is good. I wish it had own mute button, it would be very handy instead of sliding the volume. Also i would like if there was feature that when you shut down the program, the music what is playing would fade away instead of instant cut off. I use the program for internet radios. The name, i always misspell it

fanec75m 9 months ago

it's the most weird app i have seen so far, not playing the next song, playlist disappear, doesn't stop after closing... uninstalled

drinktea 10 months ago

Doesn't support playing by folders, online radios and force you to use playlists... uninstall.

fabriziores 1 year ago

Ligero, fácil de usar y cumple lo que promete; además, con los plugins se hace aún más completo. Solo una interfaz más agradable le haría falta.

Apurva 1 year ago

nice one but like clementine better

newmintterman 1 year ago

It's ok player. Maybe I use it more in the future. It's just... I'd like to make playlists of internet radio stations and currently it's not possible.

Give_Trees_A_Chance 1 year ago

Eh it's basically Foobar2000 but with less customisation.

Caltrop 2 years ago

hard to seek in large files, old plugins do not work

slav 2 years ago

Годнячий плеєрок.

Heyty 2 years ago

Useful for transferring music files to Ipod. My only contre is that Rhythmbox copies files to /user/music if you try to add them to library. That's a shame because I store them in another HD.

plimboster 2 years ago

Много добър плеър.

alcoban 2 years ago

Güzel, özellikle HBR1 radyosunu tavsiye edrim

Tomi1980 2 years ago

ntfs hdd-t mindig ujra kell csatlakoztatni... és akkor sem biztos, hogy beolvassa rola az mp3-akat.

Knezev87 2 years ago

Odličan je

imperator 3 years ago