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Shotwell is a digital photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment. It allows you to import photos, pictures, images and videos from disk or camera. Shotwell can organize them in collections and in other various ways. The viewer shows them in full-window or fullscreen mode and presents them as galleries or slideshows. The integrated editor can rotate, flip, crop and tag the photos, adjust the colors und remove red eyes. Export is possible to facebook, Flickr or Youtube to share with others. It is able to manage a lot of image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and Raw CR2.
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uberdonkey 1 year ago

Nice presentation and good functionality except I usually use such software to take photos from one place and put in another - it lacks functionality in this respect e.g. right clicking and moving

jslopes 1 year ago

Shotwell just works and I get my job done. I'm a heavy linux user for more than ten years. I've tested everything. darktable slow, slow, more slow, crash. digikam not slow: just crashes :) Shotwell just works. If you doesn't need RAW development, shotwell is a very good organizer with sensible defaults. No photomessy anymore!

megavolt 2 years ago

TOP! Alles was ich brauche...

dzan 3 years ago

Very good!

bvrignaud 3 years ago

C'est le meilleur ! Simple et efficace.

wayneclea 4 years ago

I have used it a number of installs of mint. Can t resave JPG files as PNG?

angelgs 4 years ago

I can't live without it. The definitive way to keep my pictures organized. It can improve and add some simple photo edition functions.

d4v1d61 4 years ago

Very good digital organizer, I ma not too fond of the it works on existing folders, e.g. rotating a picture only changes teh metadata but actually does not rotate the picture in the folder.

sigurd1701 4 years ago


JCH2 4 years ago

Okay for a hobbyist or casual user. If you are (semi)pro, have image archives, or years of digital photots, this is not going to cut it.

enano_barbado 4 years ago

У меня на нетбуке программа виснет ещё на этапе импортирования. Очень тяжело... Так что даже не оценить ее возможности

MagicMint 4 years ago

This Ubuntu version cannot connect to online accounts under Cinnamon, because it’s missing Gnome’s central account settings. See

gothicpreston 4 years ago

Best photo manager for a Gtk desktop. One of my essentil items to install onto my XFCE box.

hasuin 4 years ago

Still some development do do but I prefer it to Picasa on Linux

carlosmtnz 5 years ago

Era mi organizador personal, pero desde hace tiempo que no arranca correctamente, debido a un error en gstreamer aparentemente.

clemm17 5 years ago

I wanted a simple camera picture importer. I want to plug in the camera, import pics. View thumbnails using arrow keys, Auto enhance and crop. If I need more I will open a gimp type program. Shotwell is working great for my default importer!

mathpfvr 5 years ago

Excelente, deveria vir nativo no Linux Mint assim como vem no Ubuntu. É excelente para algumas edições como recortar ou redimensionar imagens. Recomendo o download

jahid_0903014 5 years ago

nice tool

Phoenix1 5 years ago

Great work, love it. Do wish one couold selectivly choose 2nd level folders to import, but certainly top level class A program. My compliments to the team, and Thanks!

pete_l 5 years ago

Installed with Synaptic on LMDE x64. it didn't show up in Menu, it didn't start when I attached a camera (Canon A490). When I ran it manually it crashed with the message: ERROR:src/db/DatabaseTable.c:1277:database_table_add_column: assertion failed: (res == Sqlite.OK) Aborted I'm not wasting any more time on this.