Valve's Steam digital software delivery system
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Steam ( is a software content delivery system developed by Valve software ( There is some free software available, but for the most part the content delivered is non-free.

This package comes with a fairly substantial non-free license agreement that must be accepted before installing the software. If you have any opposition to non-free work, please select "I DECLINE" during the package installation dialogs. There are also additional agreements in various parts of the application that differ from the original agreement. In other words, pay attention and read carefully if you're worried about your rights.
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Gnul 3 weeks ago

Funciona Exelente! (Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon / CPU Intel i5-4570 / RAM 3.6Gb DDR3 / iGPU Intel HD 4600 [Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen]

flasche_chris 1 month ago


TheLinuxKid 2 months ago

Get it from the website and copy and paste your errors to google, this doesn't work. At least it has Linux support but it's not very good.

Blaster84x 3 months ago

Installer is broken, had to manually delete files

Mumrik93 4 months ago

It does have a few small bugs, but works great overall.

asraras 4 months ago

Counter-Strike which was my fav

EddySRB 4 months ago

Brilliant,works great

promotomorp 6 months ago

Works flawlessly

HonorisCreed 7 months ago

Millions of games with great representations. Each game has user reviews & its own community section which includes screenshots, artwork, videos, forums, user guides & depending on the game, mods.

iamdeepaksahu 8 months ago

Developers should support opensource platform for gaming instead of Microsoft. A big step toward Linux gaming

Doodles33 8 months ago

Amazing to see gaming support for Linux.

Tommym0boc 9 months ago

Without it it wouldnt be as good

JamesMorissen 9 months ago

Funktioniert Perfekt, großartiger Linux Support

tzamoy 9 months ago

Good app for gaming

leolimajc 11 months ago

Esse é o pacote que esta funcionando 100%. excelente

pavirp 1 year ago

Best Gaming Platform....Which i used before

Dalde 1 year ago

Funciona casi igual que en Windows, sólo que aquí es todavía más rápido.

serdarsaglam 1 year ago

Thanks to the extensive support for Linux support

ikhwan 1 year ago

On balance of pros and cons, I'd put 5 but not because it's awesome, because steam is where you (potentially) can play Windows Triple A games on Linux. And that is worth the bugs and hassle of using it. Otherwise, GOG is still better.

WhitePhoenix 1 year ago

Valve only supports Ubuntu now. Steam still doesn’t solve the problem of developers not creating good Linux games or buying a license and porting mainstream games to Linux. I don’t care about free as in money. I want free to play on whatever system I want.