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Xviewer is a simple image viewer which uses the gdk-pixbuf library. It can deal with large images, and zoom and scroll with constant memory usage. Its goals are simplicity and standards compliance.
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Haggen88 1 month ago

simple and light... and now with webp file support

BigJonMCMLXX 1 year ago

still no webp ?!?!?! i will have to change.

beitme 1 year ago

A nice simple viewer, but it lacks features. Most notably, it can't show images from mutiple folders at the same time.

amazonroads 2 years ago

Used to be ok when able to edit the tool bar unless i am missing something also I agree with vgstef re rename option...I am aware can save as but still notwanting to double up on extra files etc...seems no camera apps Ive found have this either...clearly to waste more of our time as most things these days...likely to go along with the UNs agenda 21-30 depopulation plan!!!

PareshGaur 2 years ago

Recently, it is showing darker images which previously used to be normal. Tried every settings at preferences, tried re-install. Nothing. Turned to Pix finally

MvGulik 2 years ago

Ok, I guess, for just and only viewing of images. --- Not ok for doing any image modifying (ie: rotate, etc). --- At older mint versions it was already not auto saving any modified images ... other than the last modified image (ergo: useless feature). So one would need to manual save directly after a image modification. --- Now in Mint 19 it has some additional feature. It now also asks to reload the modified image after manually saving it (Nice ... adding additional unnecessary workload when adjusting a set of new images. without a setting to disable that). --- Considering the Xviewer Github issue page is full of old bug issues ... If one is planing to use Xviewer for anything else, other than just mere image viewing. suggest one looks for something else for that. --- Typical Linux/Mint stuff.

rawaniajay 3 years ago

Cool !

Fonzie 5 years ago

A quick and simple image viewer, much like IrfanView!

Quexos 5 years ago

Prefer Ristretto, GIMP. All the X-apps need to go.

cmoi 6 years ago

Pas mal, fait le job

vgstef 6 years ago

Good. Just missing the possibility to rename a file while viewing a photo.