What are the programs needed to read ebooks in Linux Mint ?

  7 years ago

Book formats

1.PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)

2.DJVU (pronounced deja vu)

3.MOBI (used in the Amazon Kindle)

4.EPUB (open ebook format)

5.CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file)

6.CBR/CBZ - comic book archive file format

The Programs

The MATE Document Reader Adril is able to read PDF,DJVU,CBZ and CBR.That means Linux Mint users are able to read PDF,DJVU books and comic books out of the box.

Other options for reading PDF files are Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader.

Adobe Reader is available in the Software Manager for download.

A tutorial for installing Adobe Reader in Linux Mint


A tutorial for installing Foxit Reader in Linux Mint


Calibre is a program available in the software manager and can be used to read both .MOBI and .EPUB formats.

Read more about it here


CHM are compiled HTML help files.Many textbooks come in this format.

CHMSee is a good CHM viewer for Linux Mint. It is available in the Software manager.

Another option for those using the KDE desktop is KCHMViewer which is available via synaptic and software manager.

An article about installing KCHMViewer in Linux MInt


Okular is the standard document viewer for KDE.

Read more about it here



formats supported by Okular -PDF,DJVU,CHM,epub,mobi


napolean_p 7 years ago

@sunwewbie Thank you for promoting the tutorial and pointing out Okular.

sunewbie 7 years ago

This will be helpful for newcomers :) promoting

sunewbie 7 years ago


How about Okular

napolean_p 7 years ago

Thanks for your comment.I am using CHMSee 1.3.0 on Linux Mint 13 with no problems.I downloaded it via Software Manager.

guy-1 7 years ago


Note : CHMSee present in synaptic (package 4) doesn't work.

Error: Platform version '10.0.2' is not compatible with
minVersion >= 6.0
maxVersion <= 9.0.*

napolean_p 7 years ago

@Mercatorprojecter Thank you for your comment !

Mercatorprojecter 7 years ago

Very helpful. Thanks

napolean_p 7 years ago

@Mintification Thanks for the encouragement :)

Mintification 7 years ago

Thanks @napolean_p , I think this should be helpful for anyone downloading books, despite the negative comments.

@remoulder this is a tutorial overview of what programs to install for which file types. Tutorial: "a method of transferring knowledge."

wei2912 7 years ago

@napolean_p: synaptic is based on aptitude which is based on apt. Same goes for apt-get. And apt downloads dependencies so you can rest assured. :)

napolean_p 7 years ago

@Ishwon @remoulder

I wrote to save time for those who come after me.Searching the web,reading reviews,forum posts and all that take a lot of time.My aim is to point out the program which can be used to open a particular file which a person might have on his computer.Unlike media players,not all these programs come installed by default.As for the apt-get stuff,I think it is better to download via package managers so that dependencies are automatically handled by them.Software Manager has the software which works best with Linux Mint and many have user reviews as well.This is why I mentioned only Software Manager.But as Ishwon pointed out it can be installed using a single command as well.

Ishwon 7 years ago

Calibre can be installed from the repos:

$ sudo apt-get install calibre

It's got a simple interface and is easy to use.

remoulder 7 years ago

This is not a tutorial