How To Speed up Linux Mint Boot!

  11 years ago

Hey there, I will be updating this with new tips and tricks I find work best!




Disable all un-needed services and applications from starting up,

do this by going into Mint Menu, and searching "startup" , it will give you an option to go to the program Startup Applications. click it.

Remove any unwanted or unused services that are in there, for example, remove bluetooth if you dont use bluetooth, printer (cups) iif you dont have a printer, etc.

This is basically the most drastic change in boot speed in my opinion.. The less services starting up, the faster the speed.



Go to the terminal and type in

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

enter your root password, and wait for a file to open up.

look for the line that says


and remove the words "quiet" and "splash" ( NOTE : THIS WILL DISABLE YOUR LINUX MINT SPLASH SCREEN, it doesnt help THAT much, but in my opinion it helps a little. )

also, add the word "profile" into that space. this wiill profile your boot and make it faster everytime, ( NOTE : THE FIRST BOOT AFTERDOING THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE SLOWER, DONT WORRY! IT IS JUST REPROFILING YOUR BOOT NOW )

So basically make that line look like this --


Save and exit!

Open up a terminal again and type

Sudo update-grub2

enter root password, wait for it too update, and then  restart your computer.



( NOTE : THIS WILL DISABLE LINUX FROM CHECKING YOUR HARD DRIVES EVERYTIME YOU BOOT.. it speeds it up alot, but if something goes wrong with your hard drive, you wont know! )


Open a terminal and type

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

enter root password, and then open the documentt

look for the line that says this

UUID=2a782d1e-fc91-4bbb-b86d-c139bb2d3f46 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1

you see that 1 at the end of it? change that  to a 0

also do it for your swap or other partitions if there are 1's next to them also.

in the end it will look like this

UUID=2a782d1e-fc91-4bbb-b86d-c139bb2d3f46 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       0

save and exit, andn restart your computer,

see the difference?



open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install bum

enter root password, and accept the installation

Open "Bum" by typing in

sudo bum

or going through the mintmenu!

From here you can disable other things that werent possible to disable from "startup applications", such as hdd temps, scanner services, etc.

Be careful with this also!



This is a simple tip that most of you have already done, but make sure you set GDM ( the login manager ) to log you in automatically! Simple, but  saves alot of time!



Disable compiz-effects!!

Unless you really want those crazy cool looking effects, then disable them! They add a bunch of extra time to your boot up!

Go to Menu > Appearance > Visual effects > None!



Added tips -



open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install bootchart

enter root password, wait for the download to finish.

restart your computer and go to 


there will be a picture of your boot!

there you can decipher what is slowing down yoour boot, etc!




Let me know if anything goes wrong, or if you have any suggestions !

I wrote this a while ago, just checked in!


Remember - there is always a possibility that modifying your system can mess up your computer, so be careful!

wtkjr 8 years ago

A few ideas ... #1 Number your key lines, so any comments will be understood,
with no where? errors, between you and guy making the comments. #2 When you refer to entering something into terminal show the last few chars. of the prompt ... like "...$". I'm new to this big world of linux and there are many details to learn! My name is Bill Kannon and my #is 586-468-8338. We could discuss your fine work from my "newbie" point of view, if that would help you?

jfleen 9 years ago

Read everything you can and question everything you read. Nice tips, though.

retrobeast 9 years ago

Hey There. Good tips but still have some questions.
I notice when I boot up mint 16 i seem to see all the behind the scenes code running on the screen as system boots.
Is there a way to hide that?

Also it seems my system booted up a lot quicker when I did the default dual boot install of mint. On this latest round I chose Something Else and created my own partitions.
I have tripled my bootup time slowness it seems.

Thanks in advance.
Retrobeast (

Rokas 11 years ago

A bunch of useful info, thank you.

seier 11 years ago

How can you disable the compiz effects (animations)? Please provide step by step instructions. This is way too vague. I'm a novice, from Ubuntu-land where it was extremely easy to disable all the animations and I loved that.

pavankm 11 years ago

thanks Pal.

bolle 11 years ago

Woah, i just noticed all these notifications, maybe i should redo it with better presentation?

nuncio_bitis 12 years ago

Actually, no. The longest part of startup happens before you even see the GUI, long before you get a login prompt.
After the BIOS screen, there are minutes of black screen before the login screen. Once I log in, I can get to work in under a minute.
I'd say if you really want to speed up startup, remove a lot of drivers you don't need. CHange your BIOS to boot from the hard drive instead of a network or a CD.

jerincon 12 years ago

Useful tips, but I think is not all about booting exactly...

blueXrider 12 years ago

I personally didn't see any improvement in performance after your recommendations.
It might be because I have optimized my system using other methods.

What I see, is if, one was using an earlier version of mint one might experience the improvement.

Useful tutorial though.

prativasic 12 years ago

I find this tutorial useful. Let me check how it goes with my system.

dodjie60 12 years ago

I prefer rcconf than bum.

900i 12 years ago

Great Tute, don't forget to install Preload from the repos for more speed.

Alexio 13 years ago

It is a good idea to disable the unused services/daemons. For the first step of this short tutorial I recommend reading the full tutorial named Disabling unused daemons to speed up your boot sequence.

m4daredsun 13 years ago

I agree with farnaby & kiswa.

The content is good, but the tutorial would become much better (or less scary for newbies) with an improved presentation and some more details about the operations you describe.

koolobus 13 years ago

And also remove Xserver, it makes your boot even faster.

kiswa 13 years ago

I agree with farnaby.

Also, reformat the text so only important parts are bold, not the whole thing. The tips seem useful, but I can't take them seriously because of their presentation.

farnaby 13 years ago

Hm... Good Ideas, but a little more structure in the text layout would make this look much better. Also I think it would be a good idea to explain some things a bit more (e.g. which services can you disable safely? perhaps a link could help) and separate "newbie"-proof tunings (like disabling bluetooth, compiz etc) from those that are a bit risky and not to be recommended for everyone (like disabling hd check).

bolle 13 years ago

Totally forgot about that :)
Thanks for reminding me :D

Alexio 13 years ago

To profile boot times and bottlenecks easily through an intuitive image graph I recommend a bootchart software for the Boot Process Performance Visualization.