How to use the IRC

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A. Introduction

I.R.C. stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is one of the oldest chat protocols on the Internet and among the most widely used. In Linux Mint you would use the IRC to:

  • Find other users to help you with a problem
  • Help others
  • Chat with other users

On the IRC, you don't just connect to some central server. You join "channels". A channel is like a chatroom... once you've joined the channel you can see who's connected to it, and if anyone talks in the channel it will appear on your screen.

Similarly, when you type and say something, everybody in the channel sees it. 

B. How to connect to the Linux Mint channels

B1. Using Linux Mint

Open the menu and launch "Hexchat". It will connect you automatically and you'll be ready to talk with other people.

If you're using the KDE edition, launch the program called "Quassel".

B2. Using other operating systems

There are many IRC client applications which can connect you to the IRC under Windows, Mac OS and most other operating systems. 

Alternatively you can use a Web-based IRC client such as Mibbit:

  1. Open Firefox and go to
  2. Click on "Server" and fill in the following in the "Server address" field:
  3. Fill in your nickname
  4. Fill in the name of the channel (see section B3 for the names of the channels used by Linux Mint)
  5. Click on the Go button.
  6. When a new tab opens with the name of the channel in the background, click on it.
  7. You're ready to chat.

B3. List of channels and network used by Linux Mint

Linux Mint uses the Spotchat IRC network (On an IRC network each channel has a unique name, so if there was only one IRC network in the World there would only be one #England channel in the world for instance. As you can imagine, there are many.).

The address for this network is:

On this network, the distribution uses the following channel: #linuxmint-help

By default, Hexchat (or Quassel) will join this channel. You're welcome to ask questions about Linux Mint or to seek help from others.

Because Linux Mint is run by many different people, from older to younger people, having very different cultures and sensibilities, it is important that you remain calm, friendly and polite. You should also avoid any sensitive subjects such as religion, sex and politics. And you should avoid any term, insult, word that could hurt the sensibility of others.

C. Netiquette

There's an IRC culture on the Internet so it's important to be aware of certain things:

  • Shouting: Don't use capital letters. This is considered "shouting".
  • Flooding: Don't flood the channel (i.e. don't repeat the same thing more than once, and don't paste multiple lines of text in the channel. If you need to show somebody something that doesn't fit in a single line, use pastebin... see section D on how to use pastebin).
  • Demanding: People on the IRC are users like you, they will help you if they feel like it. Do not demand help, be nice and people will help you.
  • Disappearing: If you ask a question, wait for an answer. Don't just ask a question and go a few minutes later. Some people are connected all day, but that doesn't mean they're in front of their screen or that they're looking at the channel right now. Leave the IRC open in the background and do something else in the meantime. The more you wait the more likely you'll get an answer.
  • Picking: Unless you know someone, don't talk to him/her directly. When asking a question, ask everybody, not someone in particular. That particular person might not have the time to help you and it is considered rude to knock on people's door on the IRC.
  • Cursing: Remember that some users connected to the channel may be young children. Avoid any topics and wording that could hurt their sensibility.

D. Using pastebin to show text to other users

Sometimes you need to show the result of a command or the content of a file to people on the IRC. If you paste the text directly in your IRC client, you're likely to get kicked or banned from the channel for flooding. The solution is to use a pastebin.

A pastebin is a website which allows you to paste text and to show it to other people.

Let's try it:

  1. Open Firefox and go to
  2. Click on the empty text area under the title "Post a new pastebin".
  3. Paste your text in there
  4. Click the submit button
  5. Note that the address of the page has changed to something like
  6. Copy/paste the address in your IRC client
  7. When people click that link they will see the text you pasted.

E. Using imagebin to show images

Sometimes it's pictures you need to show. For instance, an error message, or a screenshot of your desktop.

Note: You can easily take screenshots of your desktop by pressing the Print_Screen key, or screenshots of a particular window by pressing Alt+Print_Screen.

In this case use the following website:

It works the exact same way as a pastebin. Fill in the form to upload your picture, copy the resulting address and paste it in your IRC client for people to click on it.

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How to register on spotchat? How is the registration code used?

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Respect is the key on IRC.

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Just let me add two programs that can make getting help easier (after you get to know how to use these):
1. Webboard: A paste application for text
2. Shutter: A screenshot application, image manipulator and uploader
all rolled into one.

It's not a bad idea at all to write what you have tried as a very matter-of-fact way possible. Keep it short but descriptive; bullet style is a great idea. Don't tell a story. Paste that to a pastebin.

1. Version of Mint & Desktop:
2. Experience with linux in months to years:
3. Describe in one sentence what's going on:
4. Describe as briefly as possible in bullet style what was tried.
5. Is there anything you did beforehand that you think caused it.

Paste #3 above to the IRC channel with the URL after you have asked yourself this: Can I make this description any shorter & have I tried the forums or the internet to see if other people have had the same problems?. Many times I've searched for a howto and posted the URL.

Unlikely this technique will happen in most instances but I can dream. :)

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