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UPDATE 27.1.2013: Added new features, made many changes and created new website for easy navigation. Please visit this website for latest updates.


Linux Beginner Search Engine (LBSE) is a Google Custom Search Engine Tailored To Search Specific Linux Sites and URLs Only. It weeds out many irrelevant links that we find in default google search. You can further narrow down search by selecting any of the 16 Refinement Filters and / or Date Range Filters

In simple words LBSE gives Relevant Search Content by separating 'Class' from 'Mass'.

Please check out links below.

LBSE Home Page
How to Use LBSE
Sites that LBSE Searches
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Wiki's Wiki - An Intro
Wiki's Wiki - Index

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If you like LBSE, you can also add it to your Favorite Browser, so that you can search using LBSE directly through your address bar :)

We hope, you find this search tool useful.





I am a Linux end user. I created Linux Beginner Search Engine is a Custom Search Engine (CSE) primarily for New Linux Converts and End Users. For a Beginner Ubuntu is a very good choice to start with. In the beginning, I had a lot to search, to work Ubuntu in the way I wanted. As I searched more,  I realized that there are many popular Ubuntu Derivatives like Linux Mint who have excellent forums. I got some answers and  and clarity from  the forums of Linux Mint and other Ubuntu derivatives.  In an attempt to simplify search, and in an attempt to bring all the search result effectively in one place, I created Linux Beginners Search Engine.

In this Custom Search Engine (CSE), I have collected most of Ubuntu derivatives. So many tips and solution applicable to Linux Mint are also applicable to  Pinguy OS or Zorin OS or even Ubuntu. Only PCLinux OS and Arch Linux are an exception. PC Linux OS is a very popular Rolling release distro and Arch Linux, though primarily aimed at advaned users has a wealth of documentation, which can be useful to beginners.

Links for CSE:

Linux Beginners Search Engine by @mrjoeyman (has improved look-n-feel of this CSE and has given some eye candy effect.)

If you wish to customize and add it to your blog / website. Here is the link. This is the Default CSE URL provided by Google.

CSE is for everybody. I do not have an ad sense account. Anybody interested in further improving can share his/her thoughts with @mrjoeyman. I would be happy to share authorship.

CSE Searches forums and wiki of Ubuntu, Mint, Bodhi, Pinguy OS, Zorin OS, PC Linux OS, VirtualBox, Wine, LibreOffice, K3b, with refinements (labels / Filters). It also includes some blogs and websites providing tips and tricks

Clicking on Refinements searches urls only under that particular refinement, further filtering the search.

e.g. searching for 'Upgrade Kernel' and clicking on Refinment 'Mint' will only search Mint Forums, Mint Blog and Mint Community.

CSE with keyword ‘Upgrading Kernel’ with Mint Filter

sunewbie 9 years ago

Added on 3.2.2013

Added PCLinuxOS Wiki under Tips & Tricks

PCLinuxOS is not Debian / Ubuntu based. Unlike Debian / Ubuntu which uses .deb it uses .rpm package management system with apt-get. It's default desktop is KDE. PCLinuxOS has an excellent Wiki which will be very useful to anyone wanting to learn Linux and KDE. Though you will find articles which are exclusively applicable to PCLinuxOS, which you should ignore for applying it to Ubuntu based distros, it's wiki is well documented and very informative.
Created a New Page - News from Popular Linux Resources

This page aggregates feeds of popular Linux Distros and Blogs.

sunewbie 9 years ago

Added on 31.1.2013 under Tips & Tricks

sunewbie 9 years ago

Added 16 URLs to Tips & Tricks and 2 URLs to Mint

Added on 31.1.2013

Tips & Tricks ... hotwellFAQ


sunewbie 9 years ago

Arch Wiki and created new refinement ArchWiki

Added 5 new sites to

Tips & Tricks

sunewbie 9 years ago

Thank you.

Recently I have done many changes and created wiki type site for easy reference to track changes on one page.

Please find website address below

itsasunnyray 9 years ago

I have just discovered you're search engine, tried it and like it very much. Well done, thanks.

sunewbie 9 years ago

Update 21.1.2013

Added new Date Filters

For More details and screenshots, please visit here

New Filter / Refinement Cinnamon added

URLs added under Cinnamon

Except for the first URL which takes you to Cinnamon sub-forum, URLs are added under refinements Mint and Cinnamon

I have also changed Date range filters. The range now starts from April instead of January. I am not been able to make Filters like 'Since Last year' as I only know how to enter fixed date range and not dynamic range which automatically changes every day.

I am not active in any other Linux Forum since long time, hence I will focus on Mint while making any changes in LBSE.

sunewbie 9 years ago

Update: 25th Nov 2012

Added - Tips & Tricks
Updated tutorial

Thanks to @Thinker .

sunewbie 9 years ago

Thanks @Gadien .

Gadien 9 years ago

Hey this is fantastic.
Only one place to go to search for answers and solutions :)

All I've got to do now is ask the right questions! lol.

sunewbie 10 years ago

UPDATE: 2.11.2011: Since there are two contributors, we have shifted the updates to google docs. Please find the link below

sunewbie 10 years ago

UPDATE: Some Eye candy for CSE by @mrjoeyman has improved look-n-feel of this CSE and has given some eye candy effect. - 29.10.2011

If anybody is interested in maintaining this CSE, I will happily share authorship.

Here is the link

Anybody interested can share his/her thoughts with @mrjoeyman (forums)

Form post Link

sunewbie 10 years ago

Added on 28.10.2011 - Arch
Added on 28.10.2011 - Arch
Added on 28.10.2011 - Arch

Thanks to @Vincent Vermeulen.

Added and to mint
Thanks to @Alexio .

Alexio 10 years ago

For the Mint category you may add to the Linux Beginners Search Engine:

sunewbie 10 years ago

thank you @Tonya and @efthialex

efthialex 10 years ago


Very nice and helpful tutorial!

Tonya 10 years ago

Great job! Thank you @sunewbie!

sunewbie 10 years ago


I think google has explained in easy way to create custom search engine. It is very easy (since I managed to create one ;).

You can ignore keywords. While adding urls, just keep default option 'Include all pages whose address contains this URL'

The most important customization is 'Refinements':

This is similar to a tagging system. You can add as many refinements or tags as you want to narrow visitor search experience.

Once searchers click on the refinement or labels, Google will filter search results containing specific tags or labels. To add refinements, click on the “Add Refinement” button. Add your Refinement name, select either searching only labeled domains or providing priority to labeled domains. I have selected 'only search labeled domains'. This very effectively narrows down the search.

Using the lists of sites and the refinements you can create powerful custom search engine.

You can visit following sites:

This site has good screenshots

Thank you

sunewbie 10 years ago

Added Thanks.

trollboy 10 years ago

That's a great idea and well implemented. An excellent resource.

If I may suggest one addition - which is more generic but one of the friendliest Linux forums on the web.

sunewbie 10 years ago

Thank you @RayWoods .
I am happy that it is useful to you.
I did not get you. Are you talking about giving a tutorial on how to create a custom search engine.

Please do let me know. On second thought, this wont be related to mint. So I am not sure that mods will allow the tutorial.

LONNIEFUTURE 10 years ago

Thats awsome comunity thinking there guy. I can see this being alot of help to people.

RayWoods 10 years ago

Well done @sunewbie this selective search engine really delivers the goods.

How about another tutorial on how to adapt a standard search engine to provide better quality results? I'm sure it would help the less Internet Literate amongst us to develop their own specialist searches.