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Last login: 2017-11-25 08:20:43

Linux user since 2007
 United Kingdom
Cinnamon Edition

Back with Mint after a while away and, now the desktops have
matured and stablised again making Mint more stable. (For
some reason my old biography disapeared, along with other
data relating to my country, release and edition. Hey ho!)

Retired Engineer who had to become an accountant in the end,
then gave up the will to work and took my pension. I wonder if
any accountants became Engineers in later life?

Living with my wife and our Greman Sheperd Dog 'Buttons' in
Brkingside, in the north east of London in the county of Essex.

Started using Linux (openSUSE10.3) when Microsoft wanted to
con me out of another £64 just because I'd updated some of my
hardware and XP wouldn't authenticate itself anymore.  I found
LinuxMint 6 after I had problems with Pulse Audio in SUSE.

Now I don't miss Microsoft at all and find the world is catching up
with how good Linux is, be it GNU or Android.

Just rebuilt my box (2016); new motherboard, processor, memory,
PSU, optical drive and fans.  It goes like a dream, with a 4 core i5
3.3GHz and 8GB of RAM.  Nice and quiet too.


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Discussion - Fixed hold upon user selected packages within Mint Update
score: 8, 14 votes and 2 comments
Implemented - Title bar height
score: 33, 38 votes and 5 comments
Implemented - Software Manager Search
score: 18, 25 votes and 3 comments
Implemented - Idea Status option ~ ALL
score: 17, 24 votes and 9 comments
Implemented - Interactive website navigation
score: 14, 18 votes and 3 comments
Implemented - Community site Editor
score: 12, 17 votes and 8 comments
Implemented - Idea button
score: 9, 17 votes and 2 comments
Implemented - Link to Forums from the Community site
score: 8, 9 votes and 6 comments
Considered - Update the Mint ISO files
score: 114, 144 votes and 41 comments
Considered - Nouveau and the Hardware Manager
score: 7, 14 votes and 7 comments
Considered - Undertake an urgent review of Mint 11 and Mint's future
score: 3, 18 votes and 11 comments
Under dev. review - Just what is Linux Mint?
score: 89, 103 votes and 16 comments
Under dev. review - Tutorial categories
score: 18, 19 votes and 4 comments
Under dev. review - Make Idea/Tutorial Comments Rows Layout Vertically Aligned to the Top
score: 15, 19 votes and 7 comments
Under dev. review - I hate political correct wording...
score: 5, 32 votes and 11 comments
Selected - Highlighting Hardware Traffic Lights
score: 34, 38 votes and 5 comments
Selected - Moderation Button
score: 34, 40 votes and 9 comments
Selected - Mint Future (insert a number >13) Boot Splash Screen (lack of)
score: 32, 45 votes and 19 comments
Selected - Mint Installation Presitation
score: 8, 16 votes and 1 comments
Selected - Ideas for Comunity Website and the Mint OS
score: 6, 19 votes and 8 comments
Selected - Tutorial Print Button
score: 3, 19 votes and 6 comments
Envy 4500
HP (Hewlett-Packard) All-in-one, Works perfectly on Rebecca
Olympus Mu 410
Olympus Camera, Works perfectly on Debian
Kindle 3 WiFi
Amazon eBook reader, Works perfectly on Debian
Benq 5000E Flatbed Scanner
BENQ flatbed scanner, Works perfectly on Isadora
Nvidia 8400GSsuper video card
Novatech Graphics/Video/TV card, Works perfectly on Isadora
Sony Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Debian
D-Link Modem/Router/Wireless router/Switch, Works perfectly on Debian
D-Link Modem/Router/Wireless router/Switch, Works fine with some minor problems on Debian
TP-Link Modem/Router/Wireless router/Switch, Works perfectly on Debian
Logitech Wireless Mouse M505
Logitech Mouse, Works perfectly on Isadora
MuVo TX usb 2.0 1GB
Creative MP3 player, Works perfectly on Debian
MyCloud 2TB
Western Digital NAS, Works fine with some minor problems on Debian
Palm Tungsten E2
Palm PDA, Works perfectly on Debian
Epson Stylus Color 760
Epson Printer/Scanner/Multifunction, Works fine with some minor problems on Debian
Epson SX205
Epson Printer/Scanner/Multifunction, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Western Digital My Book 500GB (USB 2.0)
Western Digital Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..), Works perfectly on Debian
QuickCam Traveler
Logitec Webcam, Works perfectly on Julia
TP-Link Wireless Access Point (WAP), Works perfectly on Debian
Favorite software:
"See my Tutorial in the Community Website"
"Excellent, so simple yet so powerful!"
"Many an hour can be easily wasted here!"
"Organise and perfect Images without the hassle of GIMP."
"Very good for planning observations and as a teaching tool for those new to Astronomy."
"Get a Window User to employ this office suite then convert them to Linux Mint!"
"Easy to use, works well."
"Wonderful for recording or manipulating audio files."
"Get a Windows user on to Thunderbird then convert them to Linux Mint!"
"Simple to use; organise or play your sound files."