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2017-03-03 12:09:46

First started with the TRS-80 model 1 in the late 1970s and progress through the VIC-20, Comodore 64, Kaypro (CP/M OS) then several DOS machines. When Windows came out I continued to work in DOS much of the time as I was very proficient in it's use. Eventually I progressed to using Windows more. A friend gave me some disks with Red Hat. It was the beginning of my relationship with Linux.  A few years later I left Windows for good for Linux.

Used several Distros through the years. Red Hat, Mandrake, Ubuntu to name a few. Migrated from Ubuntu to LinuxMint after the big changes in their desktop.

Hobbies: Writing. Reading (Non Fiction Mostly) Working in the following software: Audacity, Blender and the Gimp. Coding [Bash, C++, Gambas, Pascal, Perl, Python, and VB] Working in my shop with wood and metal. Building electronic projects.

Interests: Most anything technical. Favorite interests are: Electronics, Computers, and History.

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XPS 8700
Dell Intel Core i7-4790K 4 Core, 8 Thread Processor, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
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"Installed and tried the Hardware Lister today and got: Failed to execute command "su-to-root -X -c lshw-gtk". I opened the laucher and tried changing the command to "gksudo lshw-gtk" and now it works. The listing left a lot to desire. It only listed the Motherboard and details on it mostly stated "To Be Filled By O.E.M""
"Great CGI software for creating 3D animations. I used it to make a 3D YouTube tutorial on electrical switches."
"My favorite audio editor. I love it's many features like how you can time shift multiple tracks to overlap at different points. Like how you can narrate on one track and slowly fade in/out music in the background on another track."
"Excellent program. It is very powerful, a great free alternative to the other well known photo editing program. May be a bit a learning curve for newbies. I recommend watching online tutorial videos (like YouTube) to get the feel for it. Once you learn/practice using it, it can become second nature to use it."
"I use this to quickly put together graphical programs from a front end for the command line BIBLE, Contact/Mail manager sqllite database, to utilities like a USB cataloger. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to create their own personal custom programs."