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Watch TV by streaming from M3U sources.
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Stabilo 2 weeks ago

It works but at the bare minimum level. Cant save favorite channels, no way to organize channels in any way. And it keeps ramdomly updating online playlists losing channels in the process, extremely annoying.

robinechuca 1 month ago

Excellent, simple and effective! Since the update to version 3.2, the French channels work for me!

redhat 5 months ago

This NASA channel is Amazing.

anis 7 months ago

One major flaw. When you go full screen there is no way you can exit full screen using the mouse. You have to press escape from your keyboard. If I'm using my pc as a tv and i'm watching from a distance using the mouse as a remote control, I should be able to change the channels. Yet it is impossible.

superman 11 months ago

impressive application but I spotted control issues. When you click on a channel and loading but nothing happens, you click other channel and still not loading because trying to load the older one with no success

ratpie 11 months ago

you can add your own channels with an m3u file, from your IPTV provider. i use it every day. please, do not let this be like every other unfinished project in LM. finish it! it needs search and sort on the channels/shows listing.

ItsDan001 1 year ago

its cool, but i wish it had Bulgarian channels = /, would give it 5 stars if it had bulgarian channels tho. Would be nice to see in the future!

Haggen88 1 year ago

Light and simple iptv player. Currently [version 2.0] has 859 channels available.

dartomic 1 year ago

This app is awesome, I didn't know anything like this existed. The developers aren't the ones who add the TV stations. They just linked it to people that keep a list of the stations available for free. You can easily add more stations by doing a google search of "iptv m3u". Other people maintain even larger lists that you can link to in the program. I have nearly 8,000 channels. Its not hard to figure out, just play around with it.

georgegerm 1 year ago

started off decent with what seemed a lot of work to be done coming up. as of right now is less than anything. theres no explanations to anything anywhere. garden variety junk.

cieggi 1 year ago

It's great. All the channels are back in with higher quality. Need some UX refinements, but it works fine and it's extremely light on system resources. Much much lighter than watching a stream from a web browser

bigbadbootydaddy 1 year ago

This was a great program when it was first released on mint, but then they took off a ton of stations. I haven't seen anything saying why. going to try and read up on it but if not I'll be removing

Thedingus20 1 year ago

i really like it but streams with s dont work and ones with out s come up as green squares or multicolored squares if could fix would be great audio is good tho

xhino 1 year ago

people really dont understand this app is awesome. they except from developer to add channels but they dont know they can add channels by m3u links or files.Thanks for this app

Revenir 1 year ago

Great IPTV player very light weight and simple intuitive UI....would love to see an xtreme codes login option and EPG support, would make the app totally complete...thanks Dev

ANTONIO 1 year ago

Em recente atualização, número de canais disponível se reduziu.

RedRobRetro 1 year ago

Great IPTV Player! Spent hours on this - the music channels are fantastic. A favourite list would be a good addition. I read somewhere, before installing, (betanews?) that this addition was foolish... it's not.

Ged296123 1 year ago

Very fast streaming app. Xtream codes not working at the moment. Looking forward to bug fixes. Thanks to developers.

JoeRacette 1 year ago

Needs a full screen mode, keyword search and how to add your own video sources... Great application though!

tradnatcat 1 year ago

It's got thousands of channels from all over the world; I'm watching an A-League (Austrailia) soccer match right now! Many local and US channels too, including Pluto, Roku, etc. Movies, shows, news, sports, kids stuff; it's really great having all this TV available- on my laptop!