Examiner Examiner
United States
2011-12-12 17:06:36

Really a true newbie. Grandson installed Linux Mint 10 - Julia - on my computer at business, when Win XP crashed.

Just really feeling my way around.

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"Even as a Linux newbie - I love it! For some unknown reason, Open Office will not read any of my PDF files. They all pull up as though they are corrupted, even though they are viewable with the Document Viewer. Scribus swooped in to save the day, and have been able to recreate files that are essential to our small enterprise. The user interface is easy on the eyes, and it is not very difficult to figure out how to use all of its many applications. It does, emphasis on does, need a manual added to the Help section. That would make it just about perfect. Very easy to add fonts, very easy to alter image sizes, very easy to reposition text or images..."
"I like it - a lot! The only things that I do not like, are that it is not terribly user-friendly when attempting to sort bookmarks, and the font size on my email is laughable. However, it is fast, clean, and easy on the eyes."
"Second glowing review for digikam! I have used Foto Finish for many years, and tried without success, to find a way to use it on Linux Mint 10. After many days, and many hours of searching, I finally found digikam. Seems to do exactly what I needed, and very comparable to SmartDraw's program FotoFinish. Not sure if it is still made by the Smart Draw company, but we had thousands of photos and images that were created with it, over the last 8 or 9 years. Digikam appears to fill the bill, and easy to use, too!"