tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
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A webcam application that supports image and video capture. Makes it easy to take photos and videos of you, your friends, pets or whatever you want. Allows you to apply fancy visual effects, fine-control image settings and has features such as Multi-Burst mode, Countdown timer for photos.
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jiaminglimjm 8 months ago

Berfungsi dengan baik dan benar pada Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon :) tapi mungkin bisa nambahin lebih efek agar jadi lebih seronok

David8879 8 months ago

nice detected my old macbook core2duo camera......the new version is out...pls update

Pointblank 11 months ago

great app, but this version is outdated (3.34.0) and does not detect my macbook camera (mint 20.3). the flatpak version works fine (3.38.0) but requires installing a gigabyte or two of gnome platform packages (not good for laptops with limited storage)

Cecr0pass 1 year ago

Work fine for me. Thanks!

caltrop4 1 year ago

vlc detects camera but chesse DOES NOT!

tadical 2 years ago

Works great

Rodrigoms 2 years ago

Edit: Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon working perfectly again. No menu on Linux mint 20 cinnamon

Massimo8787 2 years ago

Nice !!!

SirPrimalform 2 years ago

In common with other recent reviews, I'm not getting a menu bar in Mint 20 XFCE. This is apparently an "Editors pick" in the Mint software manager, but I wouldn't recommend it at the moment.

SanderDz 2 years ago

Same here - both versions (native and flatpak) doesn't show menu bar in Linux Mint 20, Cinnamon 4.6.7 - I installed all the system today.

Gsparky2004 2 years ago

I'm using the Flatpak version on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon, but the "Cheese" menu has disappeared. I cannot adjust any of the preferences, so my webcam and document scanner are really dark.

iRiKi 3 years ago

Burst feature is bugged. I'm trying to record every 60 seconds, but the app doesn't honour what's set in the preferences.

Gfish17 3 years ago

Works pretty good in Linux Mint19.3 but lip synch is laggy. i hope the next updte Addresses this. But besdes that it works quite well.

rodrigograca31 3 years ago

pretty good overall but when I try to use it with the logitech c920 at 1080p it gets super slow (and I have a good machine)

Bughouse 3 years ago

I bought a cheap USB Microscope camera and this worked great for fast captures. It even works with the snapshot button on the camera.

PareshGaur 3 years ago

Very simple and perfect app for camera purposes.

JimmiVP 3 years ago

A little basic, but it does the job :) The filters are useless though.

rahul 3 years ago

Good one.

phong7 3 years ago

fun lots of filters.

michi-xtechnik 3 years ago

very good :)