Powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software
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Flameshot is a powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software. Notable features include customizable appearance, in-app screenshot editing, D-Bus interface, experimental GNOME/KDE Wayland support, integration with Imgur and support for both GUI and CLI interface.
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garaboncokXL 2 weeks ago

I like it.

RogerWilco 1 month ago

Tiny, feature rich, intuitive. The animated GIF on their website nicely presenting all its capabilities.

s-k-e-t-c-h 2 months ago

I am a former WIN user. In that OS I worked with a programm called greenshot. I am very happy to have found flameshot for my linux OS, as it is lightweight and user friendly and it has everything I need :-)

Blasfemis 6 months ago

Easier and more versatile than others. The UI makes it easy and visible to access A LOT of flexible options and features. Saving to jpg is easier than with other applets. Sits in tray. Cons are not worth a minus star: It lacks screen recording but it does what it does well, and you need select an area to grab a window or single monitor which is no issue at all. Simple yet very powerful..

Norbi 8 months ago

it doesnt have a window capture function.

LevSav 8 months ago

все работает на mint20.1 ! рекомендую свою функцию выполняет. PS: можно назначить как горячую клавишу PrintScreen - отвязываем дефолтную привязку, добавляем по кнопке команду "flameshot gui" и все ок

aimfeld 10 months ago

Very cool and user-friendly, works for me with ulyana / Mint 20. It opens as a tray icon.

tecin21 10 months ago

Muy bueno . facil de usar , rapido, eficaz, Muy recomendable

polymanual 11 months ago

Brilliant! SO much more powerful AND better to handle than the standard screenshot-tool! And it DOES work with ulyana / Mint20.

yvesz 11 months ago

Excellent. Lean and neat! Multi-color edit with arrow, rectangular, circle, blurring.. when the screen is captured. I got more than what I bargained for.

kurgan84 11 months ago

Parfait, je m'en sers au quotidien pour faire des petits tutos.

clakarcillo 1 year ago

Not working in ulyana

sientelo 1 year ago

Superb screenshot tool, beautiful UI and love the Imgur integration

famaral 1 year ago

WOW. Do you like to take screenshots in your mobile in whatsapp an do some editing before posting it? Well, you can do this here and more. There is even a blur tool. Great appplication!

stokoznanie 1 year ago

Much more than just screen grabbing tool. Highly recommended.

mahela007 1 year ago

Absolutely blown away by the interface! I'm giving it 5 stars before I even start to test its functionality! Fully recommended.

letavs 1 year ago

It's an fantastic app. great job!!

ekfechanion 1 year ago

A must have tool, specially for someone who shares screen with other people (educator for example)

thiagolimax64 1 year ago

Na minha opinião, o melhor aplicativo da categoria captura de tela

spacecharly 1 year ago

Awsome job, thanks! Version 0.6 comes with the long-awaited text feature: https://github.com/lupoDharkael/flameshot/releases/tag/v0.6.0