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Gwenview is an image viewer, ideal for browsing and displaying a collection of images. It is capable of showing images in a full-screen slideshow view and making simple adjustments, such as rotating or cropping images.

This package is part of the KDE graphics module.
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nissimnanach 8 months ago

Right-clicked, from Nemo, a directory to open, gave error "/(directory) can not be opened". Opening single file worked.

Mintows7 2 years ago

This viewer is okey. But personally i think XnView MP is so much better.

FreeWebber 3 years ago

Pix better!

prefersummer2 3 years ago

Gwenview has been a reliable friend for years, but there are one or two problems recently. In Mint 17.3 I had to run sudo apt-get install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins to get it to open jpegs. In Mint 18, kipi plugins not there - sofar.

JCH2 3 years ago

A pale shadow of what it once was when running in Mint Cinnamon 18

cornell 4 years ago

Used it for years with Ubuntu. Doesn't work in Linux Mint (17.3 Rosa)

markator 4 years ago

Goes full screen wich is great!

iosonoscrive 4 years ago

Very useful

harrygrey 4 years ago

Kann keine jpg-Bilder, wie im Bildschirmfoto vorgegaukelt

michelsaey 5 years ago

Best program to view your pictures & video's

poet 5 years ago

Great to vieuw photos !

wmh76wh 5 years ago

The best! Easier to crop selected part of multiple files. TQ to those involves in this software

xfirebg 5 years ago

I like very much the full screen browsing of images. Better than the Windows default program.

Jaxvanjuten 5 years ago

It handles icc profiles! I am using it in Mint Mate instead of gThumb because this one doesn't read icc embedded profiles

wBudge 6 years ago

A pretty slick app sadly tarnished by bugs (Mint KDE Petra). Beware as it sometimes shows images incorrectly (compared to other apps) such as too dark/red etc; also fatally crashes persisting until a reboot! GThumb currently suffices nicely.

albion66 6 years ago

Perfektní a jednoduché. The Best.

Janusz 6 years ago

Moja ulubiona do oglądania fotek

AT2014 6 years ago

The Best!

Gerard-P 6 years ago

This program is absolutely great

Korpu 6 years ago

Good thumbnail corter, allows rename and delete files from thumbnails view. Better thumbnail view interface than DigiKam. Difficult to enter to Browse thumbnails mode (grayed in start window). Have to open first any image through text menu on the right (why not on the left?) first, then thumbnails view becomes available. Very poor Configure GwenView options, you can't deactivate start window and Kipi Plugins. Once you find your way to Thumbnails view, it works really well and in most convenient way.