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KDE Edition

I am a Linux pioneer from the first announcement that Linus Torvalds made on the internet someway in August 1990. We decided to help this poor chap who wanted to rewrite a buggy (minix) unix where finally a professional GNU/Linux O.S. came from. The Antwerp Linux User Group contributed by debugging and adding support for hardware in the early times. Personnally I contributed to debugging the Linux kernel and make sure it ran on different hardware, contributed to the SCSI interface, the Belgian Keyboard layout and held the first Belgian User group ALUG. Convinced Peru, Cuba to use GNU/Linux as their main O.S. and did presentations in firms, schools and university in the early 20 years. I also contributed to the Certified Linux Engineer course of LPI. Still using Linux as main O.S. until I die! I acted also as a mediator between Gnome and KDE which resulted in the nice looking KDE environment you experience today and the technically advanced use of libaries.

As result I know Linus Torvalds, Eric S Raymond, John Hall and a lot of pioneers from that time.

Before I was involved in Linux, I had a Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum, contributed their to the Disk Interface or Technology Research (magic Button), improvement of the ROM of the Atari ST.  It were interesting times.

And for work I worked on the NMBS, Belgacom (now Proximus) (also digital TV), and now I am working at the Federal Governement. 



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Self built and specified AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ955FBGMBOX, Works fine with some minor problems on Qiana
Favorite software:
"Great to vieuw photos !"
"fast no hassle, excellent!"
"En nu nog een 3D bril voor echte 3D !"
"prachtig spel !"
"Always using it"