Audio tag editor
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With Kid3, an audio tag editor you can:
* Edit ID3v1.1 tags in your MP3 files
* Edit all ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 frames in your MP3 files
* Convert between ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags
* Edit tags in MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, Opus, DSF, FLAC, MPC, APE, MP4/AAC, MP2,
Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, WAV, AIFF files and tracker modules.
* Edit tags of multiple files, e.g. the artist, album, year and genre
of all files of an album typically have the same values and can be
set together
* Generate tags from filenames
* Generate tags from the contents of tag fields
* Generate filenames from tags
* Generate playlist files
* Automatic case conversion and string translation
* Import and export album data
* Import from,, MusicBrainz, Discogs, Amazon
This package does not use KDE libraries, if you use KDE you should use kid3.
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chhit_karona 3 weeks ago

Great app! I use to like Easytag but now it's not works well with Lollypop and I found this app! Useful!


Pra mim ainda é muito confortável de usar. Simples e fácil.

Maikzu 3 years ago

Great tool. Wouldn't know what to do without it. It can add album pics to file metadata, do new tags from filename as bunch operation (select all -> new 2-tag) and everything it says on the tin. Just very, very good tool. Thank you, whoever created this.

MikeF90000 4 years ago

One of the very few tagging tools that lets you compare and selectively copy data between v2 and v1 tags; committing changes is a separate action. Very intuitive and user friendly.

BillV 5 years ago

what is the difference between kid3-qt and kid3? both are installed on my pc (forgot which one i was using, but it is awesome)

dudditz 6 years ago

This is the only tag editor that has actually worked to change album art for me!

MarekMazurkiewicz 7 years ago

pl:Dobry program |eo:Bona programo

gmanuel89 7 years ago

The best and easiest tag editor out there - Qt interface for non-KDE DEs

newel 8 years ago

Easy to use. However the play function does not work

phobie 8 years ago

The best tagging tool for big collections. It also has a great file parser/renamer. Use

Hithlinel 8 years ago

Although I like this app I was frustrated that the maximum track number is 255. For multi-CD albums I use for example 0516 to represent CD 5 track 16. Not currently possible in this app.

damirv 8 years ago

Better than Easytag - more options.

ExoDoom 9 years ago

No es muy intuitivo, pero una vez trasteas un poco con él, hace lo que se supone que debe hacer

30ctsparer 9 years ago

The best Audio and ID3 tagging tool is "Audio Tag Tool"

aneurysm1985 9 years ago

Sorry, but I couldn't get the hang of this one. The functionality was not intuitive for me. Am using the excellent free Mp3tag software through WINE instead.

masoko 9 years ago

Muy bueno,para aquel que quiere etiquetar sus .mp3's es esencial

almar 9 years ago

Works in an intuitive way.