Feature-rich screen recorder for X11 and OpenGL
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Simple Screen Recorder is, despite its name, an actually feature-rich screen recorder. The name reflects the fact that it is simple to use unlike many other free screen recording applications available. It can be easily configured to start recording from an intuitive wizard-like interface.

It can record the entire screen or part of it directly. The recording can be paused and resumed at any time. Many different file formats and codecs are supported. To perform an X11 recording, all it takes is selecting an area on the root window with the mouse, choosing an output file and pressing record, either by using the mouse or using a hotkey.

It has a Qt-based graphical user interface.

Its complexity becomes apparent in its powerful features. It allows one to record X11 screen areas and fullscreen OpenGL applications including sound supporting both ALSA, PulseAudio, JACK and OSS. It uses libavformat to encode the recorded material into a variety of video formats. Scaling the recorded video is possible as well as configuring the encoding quality for the codec chosen directly from the user interface.

This package contains the main program.
Latest reviews
zack 1 month ago

Record easily the screen, with the mouse the sound or any other pre-set parameters, with the size of the screen the FPS, and so on it's a pure wonder.

masemoel 2 months ago

Best for recording. I have a NVIDIA GPU btw

Lima 6 months ago

Uma maravilha! Funciona perfeitamente.

GZoltan 9 months ago

Egy béna hosszasan írja a magyarázatokat de így is alig érti a másik hogy most mi van. Egy Chad bedob egy videót a csetbe ami mindent megmutat és elmagyaráz. És az egészet pár másodperc volt elkészíteni.

Tube 11 months ago

Mega geiles Programm. Gut verständlich und es tut, was es soll. Ich kann, wenn ich zwei Bildschirme betreibe, sogar auswählen welcher aufgenommen werden soll. Auch die Vorschau über das aufgenommene Bild und den aufgenommenen Ton ist klasse. Mein liebster Bildschirmaufnehmer.

rahmanlar 1 year ago

Proably the best screen recorder for GNU/Linux.

akshanshkumawat 1 year ago

best app

victordev 1 year ago

It works really well!

xhino 1 year ago

0 resources consuming. what a gem

Planeta_Aragubas 1 year ago

Its awesome, but it does need a UI Re-Desing, i sujest everthing in a single window, with profiles and stuff

rikerlinux 1 year ago

Excelente programa pra gravar a tela do seu computador sem consumir muitos recursos do seu hardware

Starkiller_007 2 years ago

Amazing and simple application

t3chn0k 2 years ago

It records very well, but it needs 3 things to be perfect: 1. it must have an option to minimize to tray and to launch already minimized; 2. it should launch on a ready-to-record state, instead of launching on this annoying useless settings windows (generaly, we only set the settings once, and we could change them later in a settings button if we needed to); 3. it should have an option to auto-save a file when finishing recording. Please, consider implementing these features!

Vasilis_K 2 years ago

Doing its job, but I'd prefer if I didn't have to go through all those settings pages every time I simply want to start recording. The settings should be accessible through a menu if needed, like in most apps.

MadPotatoe 2 years ago

Perfect for people who dont want to learn too much and still record.

baka_strumpf 2 years ago

Not sure if this is for me - recordings of longer sessions take up too much space, even GBs per recording.

joaopSantos 2 years ago

Simple, easy and very efficient. Good work!

LinBSD 2 years ago

Very easy to use. Very useful for creating tutorials or for diagnoses of issues....thus an audio-visual aid. Good work.

jiaminglimjm 2 years ago

Just perfect...

rarsa 2 years ago

I installed it and was up an running seconds after that. No learning curve. I decided to move it to a secondary workspace and startefd and stoped the recording with the default shortcut Ctrl-R . That saved me from editing out the start of the video. For my first video I decided to have a separate file for each segment so I could do do-overs, but I am sure that the more confident I get, the more I will start recording smaller videos as a single file, saving me time on the editing. I am using it in an old Pentium i3 netbook and it recorded things properly without any noticeable lose of frames.