Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer
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This package installs the stable version of WINE from WINEHQ, along with desktop files and libraries for WINE to work properly. This is the recommended way to install WINE within Linux Mint.
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montoya 1 week ago

I use it for Microsoft Office 2007 (an old version, but sufficient for my needs) and it's working well. (Linux mint 19.3)

ashish128 1 week ago

Throws error of internet unavailability and refuses to install though everything else is working fine on internet.

FinixFighter 2 months ago

This package is so helpful because you don't have to manually install Wine! But please, keep the Wine version up to date!

Srilthe 5 months ago

I'm running a program with Wine that was crashing the same PC when it was installed with Windows. Installed on 19.3 from software manager.

mcl1552 5 months ago

It used to work but since I upgraded to Linus Mint 19.3 the preferred wine-installer package is broken because of dependant packages unable to be installed. Trying to retrogressively fix dependancies resulted in broken cinnamon control panel which I had to reinstall. Checking the dependencies I arrived at this apt-get install libfaudio0:i386 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Package libfaudio0:i386 is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package 'libfaudio0:i386' has no installation candidate.

tzamoy 5 months ago

Πολύ καλό και χρήσιμο

GustavoCosta 5 months ago

Confesso que tentei algumas formas de utilizar esse aplicativo, e estou tendo bastante dificuldades. As poucas aplicações que consegui instalar através deste, não rodaram conforme necessitava, para mim, não funcionou.

madmax95 5 months ago

It is a good alternative to running apps in windows through virtualbox or vmware which is very resource hungry. But it is still far from perfect.

openletter 6 months ago

All I needed was Office 2010 so I could get Word and Excel. I did the following on Mint Cinnamon 19: 1. Created img file using dd 2. Extracted img file INSIDE .../drive_c 3. double-clicked setup.exe and ran install program

fat_beard 6 months ago

I see this version is 4.0.5 but right now it is at 5.0 stable. So I only giving 3 stars right now because I like to be up to date.

markator 7 months ago

Thou far from perfect, considering the broad image (free software, not to many users when compare with the global trends), I am very happy with Wine. True, not everything works, but I'm good with that. For instance, an invoicing tool, design for Windows only, installes well and I can use it in Linux Mint 19.1, Cinnamon edition.

alberto 8 months ago

Using MS Windows programs directly in Linux always struck me as an overly ambitious goal. Yet, Wine works fairly well for many programs. I regularly use MS Office 2007, Photoshop CS5 and the only game I play, Rise of Nations. There are very minor glitches but the programs are fully functional and very, very fast.I think, Wine is not for people that go on installing and removing programs at a fast pace. But if there are some MS programs you normally use and you can't replace with native Linux stuff, for any reason (my Impress presentations look weird in Power Point and I can't really give up Rise of Nations) and if those programs rate silver to platinum in the Wine database, there are good chances you can run them on Mint too. Some learning is required, mainly about Prefixes and Winetricks, and sometimes a program wouldn't work without the workarounds suggested in the Wine Database. But the learning curve is not steep and once you get the hang of it, it's such a pleasure to have that MS stuff running smoothly in your system, without having to start virtual machines and lose a good deal of your computing power. And so, I think the project is in fact very ambitious, yet great, as Linux tends to be. Just one thing: in case you find out an efficient way for running a program, contribute your info to the WineHQ database.

fernandocabral 8 months ago

I get mad when I read comments like those by starpepsi, bellow. Yes, wine is far from a perfect tool, but it is really, really useful. And it is FREE. There are many windows applications that run smoothly on it. Nevertheless, some will not run. That's how life is. I have seen applications that do not run OK even on MS Windows itself! And paid ones, for that matter. Besides, if people want to have commercial suport, they can buy, for instance, CrossOver, from CodeWeavers. Or just use MS and stop complaining about free as in "free gift" (and remember that gift horse story).

starpepsi 8 months ago

This project has been in existance for so many years it would be rude not to give it a go every 5 years or so. Still doesn't work. Wasn't able to successfully install photoshop or office.

ermejodetodo 8 months ago

ottimo per usare i programmi di windows, lo uso anche per i miei giochi online :) great for using windows programs, i also use it for my online games :)

maciejsojka 8 months ago

Działa bardzo dobrze na Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon! Works like a charm on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon!

Zlobniy 9 months ago

Отлично работает приложение