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GThumb is an advanced image viewer and browser. It has many useful features, such as filesystem browsing, slide show, image catalogs, web album creation, camera import, image CD burning, batch file operations and quick image editing features like transformation and color manipulation.

It's designed for GNOME desktop environment and uses its platform. For camera import feature, the gPhoto2 library is used.
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princeinflorida 2 months ago

Used to be great, intuitively easy to use and now they messed up. Presentation configuration difficult to navigate. Controls hard to find. The resize feature is confusing to a novice.

Carlos_Centurion 3 months ago

Muy buen programa, otros similares, visualizando imagenes RAW me agregan un JPG por cada RAW.

mohammad 6 months ago

I am a novice when it comes to Linux. I have recently migrated from windows to linux. And I must say that I am loving it. Gthumb is one of the best apps I have ever come across. Simple to use, Glitch-free and does the job well.

rawaniajay 7 months ago

Best Photography Tool!

AngryMos 9 months ago

All you need to view and convert WebP files in Linux.

jepe 1 year ago

handy & fast -- this is what you need... what I need, if it had nondestructive editing, as Canon's DPP, it would be perfect...

what I miss is the arrows during when viewing an image, I would expect left and right arrows to bring the next / previous image...

CTRL+P for properties would be also cool...

but in any case, scrolling and viewing, and rotating is the basic functionality that we NEED so badly :)
and GThumb just has it!

this is apparently a very good project, very promising, lots of potentials for further development, but this fast and simple use is the greatest virtue of it, hope it will remein like this for ever :)
(darktable, a different functionality, for example, is extremely bad at browsing...)

Mint-Account 2 years ago

I use it mostly for importing photos from camera, and checking photo information, details. For this use it is great for me! I know it has many other functions too but haven't got habbit to use them – yet!

yamahacrazy 2 years ago

can't view other devices(drives)

Fonzie 2 years ago

Easy navigation of images, great tools, easy access to them via the GUI buttons! Hands down best image viewer on Linux!

jluismoran 3 years ago

It's working very fine in Mint 18. This is a perfect tool for an easy image edition.

EdmundF 3 years ago

Used to be perfect and now they messed up totally, no controls no way -or hidden- how to save a resized and keep the original. well done thanks a lot

GMG2718 3 years ago

Simple. has all You need and more/

iamraa 4 years ago

The fast, the best!

cryptor 4 years ago

Imprescindible si quieres ver tus fotos sin que te compliquen la vida.

Klingomat 4 years ago

Absolutes MUSS für alle, die ihre Bilder organisieren wollen

shimself 4 years ago

3.2.7 mint 17.2 does not show .dng RAW files except a thumbnail so useles

admax 4 years ago

Eine Bildverwaltung wie sie sein soll.

iosonoscrive 5 years ago

very useful

lib2know 5 years ago

simple but useful

asderceder 5 years ago

It's okay but I prefer ristretto