Highly configurable system monitor (all features enabled)
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Conky is a system monitor that can display just about anything, either on your root desktop or in its own window. Conky has many built-in objects, as well as the ability to execute external programs or scripts (either external or through built-in Lua support).

This is a full conky with most compile options enabled:

X11, XDamage, XDBE, Xft, MPD, MOC, math, hddtemp, portmon, RSS, Weather, wireless, IBM, nvidia, eve-online, Imlib2, apcupsd, I/O stats, argb, Lua and the cairo and imlib2 Lua bindings, Audacious, XMMS2, and PulseAudio.
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SheldonCooper 3 months ago

Me encanta, aunque para ponerlo en marcha he precisado buscar un poco por la red. Pero una vez hecho queda genial y además consume pocos recursos.

Blasfemis 4 months ago

It is a whole sounder of swine to set up, but once it is working I like having the info available.

Mitakuye 7 months ago

This is exactly what I was looking for, but, out of the box, this not working for me on Mint 19.1 Xfce, but I am completely new to Linux so I might be missing something. I will poke around to see what I can do.

SirCadogan 9 months ago

Not working for me, too. It says "desktop window (1200003) is subwindow of root window (299)" - "window type - desktop" - "drawing to created window (0x4800001)", but no window appears. Linux Mint 19.1 Xfce 32-bit.

Linkeb3 10 months ago

Doesn't work 19.2

jayadevan 1 year ago

Not working

mrjohnbates 2 years ago

Won't shut down properly, can't even kill it from the terminal - the image stays frozen on the desktop. Fix that and I'll give it at least 4 stars.

plimboster 2 years ago


S1lent 3 years ago


cmoi 3 years ago

Je ne peux plus m'en passer ;)

mototank 3 years ago

in Mint18 install ppa:teejee2008/ppa refresh cache then install conky-manager You can also try to fix tranparency issue in some widgets Open theme folder then edit conky_seamod (for example) search "own_window_argb_visual no" replace to "#own_window_argb_visual no" or just delete it

vahid-mint 4 years ago

perfect! great! but could have a better defaul theme

GuywoodThreepbrush 4 years ago

Also so wie auf dem Screenshot hätte ich das auch gerne. Leider habe ich nur ein unschönes schwarzes Fenster mit unschöner Schrift und keine Möglichkeit irgendwie was einzustellen.

KAMAZ 4 years ago

Enough complicated to ajusting

donvercety 4 years ago

eye candy stuff

Fambida 4 years ago

Incredibly awesome program. Incredibly annoying to configure.

TheOracle 4 years ago

Very useful, but the user experience is the worst imaginable so I'll give it 4 stars instead of 5.

ksanti 4 years ago

Запуск производится через '/usr/bin/conky' но черт побери как использовать ?

fels 4 years ago

that's very useful

marvec 4 years ago

Might be the best system monitor, but the user-friendliness is poor. Without a GUI setup a no reactions to mouse clicking, this is hardly usable for a regular consumer.