Qt frontend for QR code generator and decoder
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A Qt based software that help you to generate QR codes easily, scan an image file for QR codes and decode them or use your webcam to scan a printed one.
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n0body_special 8 months ago

Works great on my Huawei Matebook D16 with linux mint 21.1. Also with the webcam, which I really did not expect. Small installation, quick to launch, simply works, great piece of software

NuahHuan 8 months ago

Does not read my QR codes

dChirkis 1 year ago

add creation of codes for links to domains with thematic extensions - for example ***.city and many others

Lima 1 year ago

Funciona bem.

delHalcon 2 years ago

The most important is that it still works after upgrading to LM20.1 (focal)

jcoles 3 years ago

Works with image files from a scanner. Doesn't work with my webcam which is a typical one that does not zoom and cannot focus sharply on anything closer than 30cm or so. After many tries, holding the paper still at the minimum distance that is still in focus, QtQR decodes the URL in the QR code as "43". WRONG! Please specify camera requirements, how large the QR code must be in the captured image, etc.

Janni 3 years ago

Works great for both creating QR code and reading from file or Webcam. I see some reviewers have problem with this software but works perfectly for me in Mint 20.

Emperor_Bawk_Bawk 4 years ago

This version contains a bug where you cannot save your QR code to file. download the latest version from the website where the bug has been patched.

akaDAP 4 years ago

crashes when I try to save the output of the QR code generator.

Velimathas 5 years ago

Программа на каждый символ вводимый при генерации QR кода сохраняет резервную копию в /home/username . Тем самым заполняя домашний каталог пользователя хламом

lipiakter 5 years ago

Can't decode QR from file. Even with the one, I made with this software.

PerloverDeveloper 6 years ago

Doesn't recognise UTF-8 characters (Decode / Russian text for example)

gmorehouse 8 years ago

Does not do byte mode QR codes.

chico20m 8 years ago

Funciona, y funciona muy bien

Vector-full 9 years ago

bueno tenerlo a mano