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Steampunk Watches

Today, the steampunk genre has now become a popular and eye-catching fashion style! As a result, many people enjoy wearing fashion accessories that are reminiscent of this style.

The modern steampunk trend may include vintage flying goggles, top hats, and steampunk watches. The advantage of steampunk watches is that they are a discrete accessory, and can generally be worn with any type of attire.

There are many places where you can pick up the latest steampunk accessory! Now that steampunk has become popular, many brick and mortar stores now stock steampunk inspired fashion. 

However, there is also an overwhelming selection of steampunk watches available online. They could be anything from expensive handcrafted creations or mass-produced ones to suit any budget.  

Check out this link to learn more about this cutting-edge trend:

To understand what exactly makes a watch “steampunk”, you must first understand what steampunk is. 

What is steampunk?

The Steampunk is a genre that combines 19th-century industrialism with a Victorian period aesthetic. 

It all started out as a science fiction genre popularized by early sci-fi author Jules Verne. Today, we’ll likely going to see movies or read books where spaceships blaze through space with rockets and hyperdrives. We can sort of understand these concepts because they are loosely based on science we are aware of. On the other hand, during Verne’s days, steam engine was considered the most cutting-edge technology. Creative people imagined a future in which humans would be able to build remarkable steam-powered tech! 

As it turned out, none of it actually really happened, so steampunk became a really interesting “alternate history” genre. 

What would have happened if mad scientists and adventurers were really able to build steam-powered airships or other cool vehicles? The answer lays in the unique post-industrial and edgy aesthetics of the steampunk look and style! 

Over the years such unique imagery set out to spread through various outlets, ranging from fashion, to art, music, visuals, cinema, literature, and everything in between.

Books and films continued to propagate the steampunk genre. They have launched steam-powered machinery and the fashion that came along with it as a pop cultural icon.

Steampunk watches and steampunk pocket watches

As you have now realized, steampunk can be anything that has a vintage vibe with a 19th-century industrialism influence. Some of the most distinctive quirks of the steampunk trend include the use of materials such as brushed steel, copper, leather and most importantly: gears.

In their very nature, skeleton watches that showcase working clogs are steampunk. Pocket watches are even more so, because it was this type of mechanical watch that was worn in the 19th century.The only way to have an even more steampunk watch is to get a retrofuturistic wristwatch with vacuum tube-style LEDs such as the Tesla Watch.

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