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Hi im just an old guy with an interest in computers

started out around 1980-ish with a TRS80 using an early version of basic we managed to write a few simple games still learning and finding a lot of syntaz errors etc on the way had some success.

The resulting games were nothing like the type of thing available today but made us happy at the thought we were able to compile them ourselves that went on with a newer pc (colour) making things a bit more interesting.

then of course the atari etc appeared and games were far better than anything we managed to write ourselves so all that learning was pushed aside.

Next after many years of development came the big W stuff taking the world by storm. having all the programs at hand etc was great for the lazy masses myself included

much of my  expeirences of windows led to frustration So linux came to the rescue Now im a convert, nasty unclean window panes are a thing of the past Very much a novice in this O/S and yes im cheating using mint but hey  it works way better.

                           Take a Mint Have a Linux


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Favorite software:
"Fast reliable theres nothing better"
"Amazing program gives very accurate , shows the exact starscape from wherever you may be . A must have for any budding astronomer"
"Useful little app works without a problem in mint 15"
"Great video player and includes extra features too nothing better"
"Best music player ive found runs without a prob;em and gives very good quality sound. Excellent stuff"