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How to pick the best tracing light box for you!

Light boxes are amazing tools for anyone who's into sketching and drawing. Drawing light boxes make it easier to unleash your full creative skills, and more important, use your technical abilities and talents, instead of having to rely only on the traditional drawing supplies.

A light box can make the process more rewarding and yield better results. It can also be used to trace pictures with ease and convenience. Besides the amazing flexibility of light boxes for drawing and tracing applications, they are also great to view slides and negatives. With so many options on the market, some perspective can be helpful.

Discover how to select the ultimate light box for your tracing and drawing needs here: light box drawing. Or keep reading to learn more! We'll quickly review all parameters you need to consider before choosing a drawing or tracing light box.

The right size for your light box

There are many drawing / tracing light boxes out there, and each size might fit different needs. A4 is commonly sought-after for its practicality and portability. However, people also prefer A3 and A2 sizes for more involved, fuller-scale projects. If you plan to lony draw at home, an A3-sized light box will probably be better suited for most projects, and still cheaper than an A2 light pad. The latter will be useful mainly for full-bodied portraits.

LED and Brightness

The right lighting is essential, and you should aim for a light table that can achieve at least 3000 lux in terms of luminosity. This is considered the optimal level, perfect for most practical purposes. If you want more flexibility, make sure you buy a drawing board that allows you to optimize lighting, so you can adjust the brightness depending on your environment, or on the specific requirements of your projects. In most cases, light boxes powered with their own power supplies are considered better, because they can get a lot brighter when compared to USB-powered alternatives.

Color Temperature of the lighting

Not all light tables have the same lighting. Besides the brightness, the color temperature can also vary from one model to another. Ideally, it is best to choose a light table with a color temperature of 6500K, which corresponds to daylight illumination. There are also models with a temperature of 9000 or 10000K, which gives a bluish lighting. This can be used to promote relaxation, and it allows a better color rendering.

Power Needs of your drawing light box

As mentioned earlier, drawing light boxes are often available as USB-powered devices, but there are many options with their own power supplies as well. There are pros and cons to both. While devices with their own supplies might perform better, the convenience of USB connectivity and power is truly amazing, especially when considering the benefits of portability!

In conclusion, it’s really up to you to decide which light pad will suit your needs and preferences. There are many options on the market, and each item has something special to offer. A light box is a great way to enhance your creative flow, so it’s important to hand-pick one that’s actually good for you and your specific style.

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