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cunning linguist 2B
Cinnamon Edition

Being here is something I owe to my wife: she dropped my hp netbook and ruined Windows 7 in it for good. Since I had no backup usb unit, I finally got round to the idea of installing Linux in it. I had had Mac before so I can talk about all 3 main systems out there: Linux is so much easier to install and maintain than Windows. I used to think Mac was the best thing out there but now I see where many of their good ideas originally came from. I have no training in programming or things like that but I have been able to work with Linux Mint in an otherwise window environment.

2015 update: I still have the good ol' HP mini with Maya Cinnamon in it and now a new Lenovo ThinkPad G400 with Rebecca Cinnamon. I've distrohopped around a lot but I always come back to what works best for me: LM. In terms of DEs: MATE is nice for nostalgic moments, KDE looks awesome but a bit scary with all the tweaking available, Xfce not too bad, but the best development around these days is definitely Cinnamon.


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Mini intel Atom 1GB RAM
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Netbook, Works perfectly on Lisa
Favorite software:
"Reason enough to install MATE."
"Excellent tool to format partitions and much more."
"Excellent for focusing on your writing only."
"Fast and easy way to get rid of the login and logout bleep in LMDE. Just mute the beep!"
"I convinced an ubuntuer friend of mine who had to migrate to a new LTS (12.04) and was sad to see gnome2 go, when I talked him into trying out MATE, He loved it!"
"This is a very useful tool for phonetic linguistics."
"Excellent solution to try out distros or to run Windows software."
"Absolutely necessary when using Virtualbox."