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"I liked the GUI and the tools. I hated how unfriendly it is to add a header file onto a cpp code. It's such an easy thing to do with other IDE, you just type #include <path/header.h> There's no excuse to be a hard thing for Qt Creator. Also, didn't like the way it handled the output window; it required an install of xterm and still wasn't easy."
"Lightweight, easy to use and user friendly. I used it a lot but now I actually prefer KTorrent. Nevertheless, Transmission is a close 2nd and, if you're looking for lightweight, you'll be pleased with it."
"I've used win, mac and other linux distros and Dolphin is my fav file manager. Looks lovely, customizable and the preview mode and split view are very useful and eyecandy. Thank you for an awsome app and allow me some suggestions: when on a folder and navigate up, by default the folder you where on should be selected; when renaming a file pressing tab key should put you renaming the next file which is very useful to rename/number lots of camera picture files; wastebin should show the file date (created/modified) as well as the deletion date; when copying/moving large files there should be an animation showing the process is still undergoing; finally, when selecting a file, a large preview (on the down left side bar) could be seen that allowed, for example, to read a pdf file or a text file, at least the large font titles."
"Great software, easy to use and bug free. However it could have some features that would make life easier like: a) changing the colour of the subtitle; b)Some kind of warning, like a red tag on the text, when the subtitle timings overlap; c) b)Another kind of warning, like a yellow tag on the text, when the subtitle text is too long, like too many caracters on that line."
"Agreed, 3x3 boundary lines should be thicker and/or 3x3 sqares should have different background colors. Everything else is just great!"
"Nice and fun though money raising can be tedious. Good plot but a few issues are left unanswered such as "Charlie" the house owner. Too many slots for magic that Dink never uses wich sugests the original plot was more elaborate. Looks like an ancestor to Diablo II. Try it if you like the type!"
"Very helpful and an excellent software for musicians in general specially for ear, rhythm and sing training. The user interface could be more pleasant."
"It can give some hours of fun. Graphics are classic 1995, though I've seen earlier games with better artwork. Most of the puzzles are logic and fun but there some that I had to try randomly until I solved them."