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Favorite software:
"Veryyy easy to create a sumba user, then share folder, then make that shared folder access to everyone or just selected users or make the shared folder invisible."
"Love this very light weight editor. It uses very little resource compare to kate. I use it with KSVN which allows my to compare the local files with the remote svn files, just right click on the file and choose 'diff' its that easy (must have KSVN installed)."
"Use this all the time because 7zip is also 100% free (no ads 100% clean, lightweight) in windows and mac so if you compress anything in .7z eveyone can open it. The compression rate is also very good and you can secure the file as well with password."
"Best package manager. Takes less resources and goes right down to the point. I tried lots of other linux distros and in the end I always find my self using synaptic. Most of the other package managers resets after you install a application which means if you are scrolling through the list of applications you will loose the list position which is very innoying. The best part is in synaptic you can save the markings and email it to your friends or save it for later use in another computer."
"Very small in size compare to Photoshop yet almost as capable as Photoshop. You can basically do anything with GIMP just go to Youtube and search GIMP and you will get hundreats of tutorials on just about anything. The best part is it works in WIndows and Mac. The only problem I faced is that the tools bars some time don'e focus."
"Best video player. I sometime use it to convert video (Ctrl+R). This is not meant for Blu-Ray but it can play blue ray as long as you break the protection."
"This is an excellent IDE. I use it for HTML5, CSS3, JQuery (add xml and you will have JQuery support). For PHP 5.4 I netbeans because it scans all PHP custom function that you wrote and makes it avaliable to you as auto filler with out using include (Dreamweaver CS6 can't do that)."
"Only browser I trust"
"Very good chat client program. I use this in Windows, MAC and Linux. The plugins (spell check, short hand replace, notify...) are awsome. I have used trillion and other software but this one works and very stable."
"I use this in my Windows, MAC, and Linux. Once you learn how to use it, it's plugin, and filters you basically can use it for all platforms. I used the TLS and SSL feature to securely send and recieve mails from standard and non-standard mail servers."
"Best FTP client. Supports all kinds of SSL and I use it's 10 concurrent connection transfer to transfer 1000 little files in minutes."