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Gaming in Linux

I'm a PC Game hobbyist who is now dedicated to testing old and new PC games in the Linux environment. My long-term goal is to help create an environment that allows Windows gamers to easily migrate over to Linux and still play their favorite games.  I found that Mint is the beginning of this migration because of the ease installing the Operating System and drivers.

Using Wine and PlayOnLinux allows PC Gamers to play their old and new games in the Linux Mint environment.  Its not always easy, so I have dedicated my free time testing and documenting steps to install, configure and optimize the best gaming experience in Linux.

Linux Game Test Results

PlayOnLinux Tutorials


Torchlight II Mint 14 32-bit

Torchlight II in Mint 14 with PlayOnLinux


DrakensangOnline Mint 14 32-bit

DrakensangOnline in Mint 14 with PlayOnLinux


Assassins Creed Mint 14 32-bit

Assassins Creed in Mint 14 with PlayOnLinux


Hard Reset Mint 14 32-bit

Hard Reset in Mint 14 with PlayOnLinux


Wolfenstein Mint 14 32-bit


Far Cry Mint 14 32-bit


Mass Effect

Mass Effect in Mint 14 with PlayOnLinux


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Athlon II X3 455 Rana
AMD CPU/Processor, Works perfectly on Nadia
Corsair Memory, Works perfectly on Nadia
Gigabyte Motherboard, Works perfectly on Nadia
GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi)
EVGA Video card, Works perfectly on Nadia
Favorite software:
"Perfect for connecting to Windows servers and workstation. runs almost flawlessly"
"7zip is the best free way to manage archives and compressed files. Run pefectly in Linux and Windows"
"PlayOnLinux is the easiest method of installing and playing your PC games. 90% of PC games actually run! Make sure you have an Nvidia video card"
"Openbox is the desktop for getting the best framerate from your games! Simple, unbloated with services/processes and makes your games run even faster!"
"VLC is the only way to watch movies without the need for installing codecs. Watch movies, home-made videos, stream youtube... vlc does it all"
"7zip is completely open source and totally free... use it to zip up or extract any folders"
"GIMP is a perfect alternative to Photoshop! Even the plugins from Photoshop work! It has all the standard image editing tools, layers and effects."
"Love playing games online with Java, great plugin"
"Dosbox is an amazing tool for those old games: Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Quake, Blood, Duke Nukem and hundreds more"
"Wine has been a wonderful alternative to Window because I have been able to run games, programs and utilities from Linux. Not always guaranteed to run, but worth a try"
"Its the Chrome I love in Windows, has all the same great features"