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"I've got several people hooked on this great game! If you haven't played it yet give it a whirl. I only wish this version was 0.9.1 (which is available on sourceforge). Still this version is very stable and great! Play with the add-ons too because that makes it much more fun!"
"Works great! Highly recommend!"
"Exactly what I was looking for! Worked flawlessly! I'm going to be using this for many many hours here in the future! Thanks EasyTAG team!"
"Wonderful! Simple and very reliable. I use this over gedit or leafpad when needing to edit important files (like /etc/rc.local). Works flawlessly with many file types and any file type I've ever used. Thanks guys!"
"I use this in school everyday and have completely ditched MS Office since using this. I really like the little features which out-perform others. The only thing that is sometimes not working for me is when I start messing around with "Styles and Formatting" (F11). Sometimes it doesn't bring up the dialog. Not a show stopper, but I have seen that since I tinkered with vs. 5. I don't like any other office program suite though. Great work guys!"
"I've used this browser exclusively this semester at school. Haven't had any major problems. Only issue is that Pandora doesn't seem to want to work but that's their issue. Good add-ons and fast browsing speed. Much better than Chrome/Chromium in my opinion!"
"I use this daily when testing distros! Right now I have about 15 installed. No problems usually. Only request would be something that tells the user how to insert the Guest Additions disc. Once that's installed my experience with Virtualbox has been wonderful! I love how Genymotion uses this too to work! Keep maintaining this great program because I don't know what I would use that's nearly as good if you weren't around."
"Haven't had any problems with this program! I can't believe what I've been able to produce with this program! Between GIMP and this one, I've been able to make everything from professional logos, class projects, etc. Great support videos online in general. Great work Inkscape team!"
"I've used this since about 10 years ago when I was recording and editing FLAC files from an audio CD I was producing. I use this application almost daily when amplifying projects or editing others. On rare occasions I'll get it to crash but that's generally the case when I don't save a large project or when I tinker with the speed generally speaking. Highly recommend! You'll be glad you chose this over the half working alternatives."
"I don't like using the paid alternatives since I started using GIMP years ago. I actually prefer it over them and any others. With GIMP and Inkscape, I've been able to do class projects or other work projects. Lots of tutorials online which is helpful as well. I like how the UI in GIMP doesn't seem to get in my way. It's just very well organized. Great work GIMP team!"
"Fast & very secure! I really haven't had a problem visiting any site with Firefox. Occasionally I'll get that with Opera especially. I love the add-ons for Firefox! I wish that it would take a little bit less RAM when I have a bunch of tabs open, but that's to be expected from any browser. Anyways, keep up the great work Mozilla!"
"I have not found another partitioner which does as well as this one! I wouldn't trust any other one to do the job correctly!"
"Absolutely amazing! Been using this program and no other audio player since about 2008 with no problem! Exceeds expectations where others usually fail. Great compatibility too with even strange video files I don't usually work with. Highly recommend!"