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mintmenu WhitePhoenix: "This may not apply. I am on Cinnamon and it has multiple menus installed. I cannot seem to find the correct one. Cinnamon should pick ONE menu to be installed by default. There is no way to add/remove entries. Some things are missing, some things are duplicated. One is entered three times, twice in unrelated categories." (score: 4) 6 hours ago
gir1.2-cmenu-3.0 WhitePhoenix: "Ignore rating still cannot find the correct package pertaining to the default Cinnamon Menu which cannot be edited." (score: 3) 6 hours ago
stellarium ASHISH: "the application doesn't open. Please help" (score: 3) 14 hours ago
com.visualstudio.code Catatumbo: "Me resulto util, pero el inconvenierte lo tuve al utilizar la terminal ya que no reconocia algunos comandos. si vas a utlizarla recomiendo instalar el .DEB de la pagina oficial." (score: 4) 18 hours ago
org.tlauncher.TLauncher alex: "Хорошо работает, но много рекламы и странный дизайн, нет отличий от версии для Windows" (score: 4) 22 hours ago
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