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  • 5 hours ago, jackrabbit reviewed bibletime: "I hate how offended people are over this being put into education. Where else would this be put? It isn't office software, nor is it programming, or anything else. It is study software. There is no need to feel offended. Lets keep the reviews civil, and actually review the software at hand. As far as the software itself, I have to say it isn't bad at all. I was a little put off by how it REALLY wanted me to download the extra-biblical books such as "heretics" by Gilbert Cheterson. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but at the same time, it downloaded like 12 books and never even reached 1 percent which is a little concerning. That is quite a bit of memory to be taken up. It also froze when I cancelled it, but when I puled the software up again, it ran just fine.It does feature Bible comparisons, which is a necessary part of any Bible study software. I like how it included the Wycliff edition of the Bible (In its original middle english) and it is a ton of fun to see how much language changed even during the short period between it and the KJV. I also enjoy the free maps and references. All in all, besides a couple of performance issues, I say that this is the perfect Bible study software for fans of open source. It is well worth a download IMO. I only wish that more Church software would become open source as well. Maybe one day in the future, it will." (score: 4)
  • 16 hours ago, tkp-no reviewed gnucash: "Have done full accounting for Small to medium companies with Sage and Quickbooks - but for personal and Small biz operations this is excellent" (score: 5)
  • 20 hours ago, faresmilev reviewed virtualbox-qt: "Amazing Aplication, you must have it on linux." (score: 5)
  • 1 day ago, marduk73 reviewed spacenavd: "Doesn't work. Fussing now." (score: 2)
  • 1 day ago, Mushroomheadbangers reviewed io.github.Pithos: "Works fantastic. I was torn between this and the GNOME version after seeing the previous comment. No issues at all on 18.3 with current stable 4.13 kernel. Fast, responsive, easy to use, and lightweight." (score: 5)