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  • 4 hours ago, pajew reviewed r8168-dkms: "fails at boot sometimes" (score: 2)
  • 6 hours ago, mckr reviewed gnome-shell-pomodoro: "Nice application. I recommend it. You will see how it will increase your efficiency" (score: 4)
  • 9 hours ago, kehf7x reviewed freecad: "FreeCAD does not open linux mint 18.3 is opening but linux mint tera 19 is not opening note: amd radeon r9 290x freecad does not open / Mash - Min18.3 yes it was working " (score: 1)
  • 13 hours ago, webwrx reviewed minidlna: "A bit of stuffing around to set up, but advanced-intermediate users should be okay. Just follow the MiniDLNA Community Help wiki. Ensure you allow incoming connections in your Firewall config (the firewall in Mint 19 has a preset MiniDLNA rule profile you just need to add). Also if your media library lives on an external hard drive, you need to mount the drive at startup (start - pref - disks, select drive and partition, edit mount options, mount at startup) - and use the full /mnt/USB-blahblahblahblah location as the library location in the miniDLNA config. Goodluck." (score: 4)
  • 20 hours ago, WillieNAz reviewed swisswatch: "it leaves the minimize and close bar above the clock" (score: 2)