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screengrab mbee: "Still a great tool with all the right options. It's the best screenshot taker I've used across any platform." (score: 5) 2 hours ago
us.zoom.Zoom VictorGG: "I use this software on Mint 20.2 to teach online, when it crashes I have to reboot my laptop, it rarely happens though " (score: 4) 20 hours ago
flameshot Peyrol: "This has cool features such as a built-in graphics editor, so I probably would not need to fire up Gimp to make a minor change. But it seems to be missing one feature I need: To repeat the same rectangular region capture I just took before." (score: 4) 1 day ago
scrcpy Serenova: "Works well! The only issue is the descritpion needs to tell you to launch it from the terminal. I figured it out by reading through the github documentation. Works great now that I know how to launch it and what the commands are!" (score: 4) 2 days ago
net.codeindustry.MasterPDFEditor cwindrose: "Obviously a lot of work went into Master PDF Editor. However, this is not enduser-friendly. $69 for so much effort to go through support to find out how to do simple things is not a good value. LibreOffice works fine for simply signing a pdf document by using GIMP to draw a signature, exporting as a .png image, then importing that image into a document. I purchased Master PDF Editor to more easily sign and edit pdf forms, expecting to use additional features in the future. But no. This was not a good decision. Instructions are not presented clearly. Support is less than helpful. Eight emails asking " (score: 2) 2 days ago
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