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  • 9 hours ago, arxzel reviewed io.atom.Atom: "Excelente software, se demora instalando como 30 minutos (Aunque no lo pareciera) pero vale la pena." (score: 3)
  • 14 hours ago, dsquared reviewed midori: "I was looking for a browser that was a lightweight browser. While Midori is light . There are a couple of disadvantages: 1) THERE IS NO SUPPORT FOR IT ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET. 2) it calls itself cutting edge but hasn't been updated since Aug 2015. Did not work well with alot of sites" (score: 2)
  • 19 hours ago, vmalep reviewed treesheets: "Very interesting and innovative application that allows you to organise your data in various dimension. Unfortunately, TreeSheet is not evolving anymore since a while, but I do encourage users to try it and use it more." (score: 4)
  • 2 days ago, ofamosofelippehd reviewed simple-scan: "O melhor software para digitalizar documentos e imagens no Linux." (score: 5)
  • 2 days ago, SystemShock reviewed steam:i386: "Runs like a Charm on Linux. Well done Valve !" (score: 5)