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Sony CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive/player/writer, Works perfectly on Debian
Koss Headset, Works perfectly on Debian
Sony VAIO Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Debian
Logitech Mouse, Works perfectly on Debian
Officejet Pro 8000
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printer, Works perfectly on Debian
Photosmart C4183 All-in-One
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Printer/Scanner/Multifunction, Works perfectly on Debian
Scanjet G4010
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Scanner, Isn't detected or recognized on Debian
SPUBT-100/4Gb (Pleomax)
Samsung Storage device (Hard Drive, Flash, USB stick..), Works perfectly on Debian
Favorite software:
"It satisfied my expectations for diff tool, probably diff detection is not absolutely accurate but works for me."
"Extremely useful to find what is wasting your disk space, especially if you have large amount of files and facing the situation when 4Gb DVD isos are sporadically placed to `some` subfolder. This program will show you disk space allocation in visual manner."
"I had tried lot of book management software and this looks to be best choice. This highly customizable tool enables me to structure my huge library and add as many parameters as I like to handle, i.e. currently I know where book is placed to, whom borrowed the book and when the book had been read. Also it works well with e-books. If you'd like to have cenralized portal of information re your library - this tool definitely worth trying."
"Like it a much. I am using it+devmail to replace corporate ugly webmail. Gmail is used for own email's/projects."
"UNiX's legacy C compiler. It implements lot of C standard modern features."
"Every time I see these panels I'm surprising how it can be so good looking. However it also pretty functional. I have no complaints to this app!"
"Using that quite frequently. Ctrl-1 scans the page. Easy to crop/rotate and saves into PDF (multipage), JPG (w/compression), PNG (w/o compression)"
"grep, awk and sed are must have utilities to make powerful searches/substitues possible in console. Also it works well in automation scripts."
"Worth to try. Worth to play. This game have no age restrictions and learns you funny-way. Game idea and design are also extremely original."
"I am using this set for professional book publishing purposes and it delivers really good quality fonts."
"I had to use StrongDC++ in Windows realm. linuxdcpp satisfies all my demands to share, search & download from DC networks."
"Excellent archiver. I would like this format will become more popular. It introduces great compression ratio and works well with encodings (compared to zip implementation :(). Performance is also good enough."
"I used to use that to manage my FreeBSD server as well as linux desktops. Not really anymore (using nautilus, gnome-do and console), but if you need to manage file structures or had a habit to use FAR manager in Win before this would be great app for you."
"Well designed stuff to make 3rd party deb installation easy and visual. Consider to use repository approach, but if you HAVE to deal without repository this app is your choice."
"I can't think how to make it better, it's a pleasure even to WATCH how this app is improving your system package by package."
"Overwhelming application. And the functionality can be expanded with non-official plugins. Think what you want and start expressing that. Gnome-do will try to guess your intention as soon as it possible. Must have."
"Well done. Beautiful menu if you need to things `old-way`, but I prefer to use gnome-do as fastest way to tell computer what to do."
"Outstanding program to structure our knowledge areas. I had efficiently used that in both in my new projects on work (to put any knowledge i.e. team structure and responsibilites, servers layout in one place) and in personal businesses."
"The old favourite to control remote computers. Simple and allows no to forget the connection details by saving it into profiles."
"Very simple but does everything required. Simplicity as elegance. Fancy popups when job is finished."
"Fast and elegant to make FTP/SSH file transfers in GUI mode."
"Makes it job pretty well it can be used for low-cost keyboard entered sms and internet calls. Rare (no) update is advantage in my case as I like that simple solid-rock fast old interface"
"GIMP requires almost no learning to perform common operations with graphics. I'm happy that it is included in default distribution."
"An intuitive visual tool to make vast majority of disk managing operations."
"Impressively fast and reliable. If you experience playback slowdowns or image corruption with some video file i would recommend to use this player."
"Good highly customizable editor can be dramatically extended by eLisp scripts"
"Good possibility to run favourite programs. If this emulation can't cope then you can always use VirtualBox to run whole OS under your linux"
"Rips track efficiently and accurately, must be treated as EAC in win world"
"Ultimate speed. Good as alternative to firefox, I prefer to use both."